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Pinnacle Entertainment

Pinnacle Entertainment
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Pinnacle Entertainment Group is a Virginia-based game company specializing in roleplaying games. It was founded in 1994 by Shane Hensley. It became a full-time company in 1996.

Shane Lacy Hensley, CEO

Shane created Deadlands after a long trip back from GenCon in '94. Inspired by a Brom painting of a Confederate vampire (which became the cover to White Wolf Studio's Necropolis: Atlanta), the idea of cowboys and zombies just wouldn't get out of his head.

Shane had written a ton of products for TSR, West End Games, SSI, FASA, and others, and had recently published a set of historical miniatures rules Fields of Honor and John R. Hopler's The Last Crusade under the brand name of Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Starting a roleplaying game company was a full-time commitment, however, and Shane knew he'd need help. He first snatched up his longtime friend, John Hopler, then invited help from two of the industry's most-respected freelancers, Matt Forbeck (Brave New World, Wildstorms CCG) and Greg Gorden (TORG, Earthdawn). These two liked the idea so much they wanted in on the company as well. Greg had to move on due to personal reasons, but Matt became PEG's President and was with the company until he created his own game, Brave New World, in 1999.

Shane is 34 years old (though his manitou whispers that he's much older), and is married to Michelle Hensley, one Hell of a cowgirl. They have two sons, Caden Lacy Hensley and Ronan Lacy Hensley.



Brave New World


Das neuartige Rollenspiel aus der Erfolgsschmiede von Pinnacle Entertainment bietet eine einzigartige Sicht auf ein düsteres Amerika... nach dem er ein Attentat von Superschurken in den 60ern überlebt hat, rief Präsident Kennedy den Ausnahmezustand aus, der bis heute anhält!


Deadlands: Hell on Earth


The year is 2094, but the future is not our own. The Last War ended 13 years ago when supernatural doomsday bombs fell, killing billions and "terrorforming" the world into a vast Deadland, allowing the mysterious and powerful beings known as the Reckoners to manifest in the flesh.

The unholy beings rampaged across the Wasted West, decimating the survivors of the Apocalypse, then mysteriously vanishing across the Mississippi to parts unknown. Since then, humanity has struggled to rebuild. Cities shudder beneath still-howling storms, leaving only the wastes to those few who remain. Horrors born of radioactive nightmare stalk the land. And in Denver, a meglomanaical cyborg rules an army of road warriors with an iron fist.




Savage Worlds


Pinnacles generic rules system which is highlighted by a point allocation system, traits, advantages and disavantages. This system is used in many of Pinnacles RPGs including Deadlands: Reloaded.




Savage Worlds, Officially Licensed


Here you will find all the Officially Licensed Savage Worlds Product Lines.




The Last Crusade CCG


A quick yet realistic game of World War II combat that recreates the Allied campaign from the hedgerows of Normandy to the crossing of the Rhine and the capture of Germany's industrial heartland. As the commander of an army regiment, U.S. or German, you'll control platoon-sized elements of infantry, armor, artillery, air and support units, each represented by a playing card. Your goal: decisive victory with the overrun of the enemy's HQ (easiest to obtain if you command the well-provisioned invading Americans), or at the very least the crippling halt of your opponent's offensive (sometimes the only route to victory for the heavily-armed but somewhat beleaguered Germans). Either way, only shrewd tactics, careful use of resources, and the sheer guts of the battle-hardened separate the victorious from the defeated.

Sold as starter decks (2 are the minimum for the game) and Booster Packs, this collectible card game evokes the feel of simple miniatures play.

Starters and Boosters favor Rares well so collecting is easy.


Weird War II (D20)


War rips Europe asunder, drowning its verdant forests and plains in Allied and Axis blood. Cities burn. Men die by the thousands. And a mad Austrian searches the globe for ancient occult artifacts to tighten his iron grip on the world! But where there is violence and horror, there are monsters. Hideous things that stalk the forests of the Ardennes, lay in wait on the steppes of Russian, or prowl the ruined streets of Stalingrad. Into their slavering maws walk heroes, men and women who survive not only the horror of war, but the terror of the things that prey in its blood-stained shadows.

The Weird War Two Roleplaying Game tells the tales of these grim heroes. Some want to save the world, others just want to survive the night.

This 192-page book deals with the Western Front and the last desperate days of the Third Reich. Weird War Two uses the D20 system, but with a few special tricks to make things a little grittier, realistic, and horrific. The game includes rules for vehicles, modern weapons, suppressive fire, and our own special "Bennies!"



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