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HauptseiteRollenspieleProduktlinien (Rollenspiele)CORPS


Complete Omniversal Role Playing System (CORPS)

CORPS ist eine der geheimen Perlen der Rollenspielwelt - auf nur 128 Seiten findet sich in diesem System ein atemberaubend elegantes generisches System, das realistischer als GURPS, fast so generisch wie HERO und annähernd so elegant wie FUDGE ist. CORPS ist ein punktebasiertes System, das für jedes Genre und jede Zeit geeignet ist. Klar geschrieben, elegant entworfen und rasant gedacht ist CORPS insbesondere für moderne und SF-Kampagnen geeignet - auch wenn Fantasy und Comedy durchaus im Bereich des Möglichen und Machbaren sind.

The CORPS game system, or Complete Omniversal Role Playing System, is a generic role-playing game system. It was created by Greg Porter in 1990.
When the game was first published, it was available in game stores and conventions. Beginning in 2003, Blacksburg Tactical Research Center ended publication of CORPS books and related materials.

Greg Porter ist das Genie hinter CORPS - ein Genie von einem Designer, auf den man achten sollte!


Produkte vom Herausgeber (Blacksburg Tactical Research Center)


BTRC 7000

CORPS: Complete Omniversal Role Playing System 1st. Ed.

CORPS 1st Edition is a global conspiracy RPG with rules flexible enough to cover different genres such as pulp and science fiction.

Tabula rasa, a blank slate. CORPS (Complete Omniversal Role Playing System) is the role-playing system that looks at what you want. Rules you can remember. Dice you don't have to use. Guidelines for both new and experienced players. Everything you need in one volume that's half the thickness you would normally expect. From swords to psionics, magic to machine-gu... (vollständige Beschreibung)

14,00 EUR


BTRC 7101

CORPS: Complete Omniversal Role Playing System

Generische Genialität auf 128 Seiten - unbedingt ausprobieren, wenn GURPS zu umfangreich, FUDGE zu ungenau und HERO zu unrealistisch erscheint!

Tabula rasa, a blank slate. CORPS (Complete Omniversal Role Playing System) is the role-playing system that looks at what you want. Rules you can remember. Dice you don't have to use. Guidelines for both new and experienced players. Everything you need in one volume that's half the thickness you would normally expect. From swords to psionics, magic to... (vollständige Beschreibung)

26,00 EUR



BTR 7001

CORPS: 1 Technology 1991

You would be amazed at what's on the shelves nowadays...

The smart adventurer knows that you can never be too prepared. The new-financed ones may actually be able to see if this is true.
There are hundreds of "interesting" items to be had, if you have the mpney and know where to find them.

14,00 EUR


BTR 7002

CORPS: 2 Deathwind

Of all the things you've lost,
you miss your mind the most...

What if you woke up one morning and accidentally found that part of your life was missing? And found someone was willing to kill to keep you from getting it back? Kill you, that is...

14,00 EUR


BTR 7003

CORPS: 3 Organisation Book 1

They reach out from the past.
They reach out from the future.
They reach out from you...

The shadowy organizations that menace your characters are no longer just abstract numbers on a page. Organization Book 1 gives you vital details on the most unusual groups that lurk behind the scenes ...

14,00 EUR


BTR 7004

CORPS: 4 Worldbook 1992

Sourcebook for the CORPS state of the real world, for 1992-1993, with geopolitical maps, world events and background information on over 150 countries, including little-known facts and figures you aren't likely to hear about on the evening news.

14,00 EUR



BTR 7102

CORPS Dreamtime

"Da schreibt man gerade noch, daß CORPS sich insbesondere für SF und Modernes eignet und was kommt als erstes daher - das bisher gelungenste ""Steinzeit""-Rollenspiel, das die Spieler auf einzigartige Weise in eine ganz andere Zeit entführt... brilliant!"

Dreamtime is a 48-page game universe set in a mythical past, when the People were a new thing upon the face of the Earth Mother, and the world still seethes with the forces of Creation. If you can't carry it, you don't own it, and everything... (vollständige Beschreibung)

14,00 EUR


BTR 7103

CORPS: VDS—Vehicle Design System

CORPS VDS is a generic vehicle design tool for CORPS and other realistically grounded rpg's. This doesn't prevent VDS from having rules for magical power plants for science fiction topics, just that VDS treats everything in a logical, consistent fashion. For those of you familiar with our 3G3 product, it is about as complex (160 pages), with chapters for each type of vehicle subsection (power plant, power train, structure, etc.). We think it is the best vehicle design system out there, but since... (vollständige Beschreibung)

26,00 EUR


BTR 7104

CORPS: Apokalypse

z.Zt. vergriffen


Apocalypse, a CORPS game universe set in a bleak alternate present. There have always been other worlds touching ours. Invisible and unreachable. Worlds both of matter and of energy, not always the same as ours. In the closing days of World War 2, this border was breached by energy unimaginable and human sacrifice on an appalling scale. The Alferi came through the breach and the dead rose from their graves.

It's fifty years later. The Alferi rule mankind with an iron hand, their inferior numb... (vollständige Beschreibung)

z.Zt. vergriffen

BTR 7105

CORPS: Down in Flames

Down in Flames is a baker's dozen of world-wrecking scenarios for CORPS or any other roleplaying game.

It has natural disasters, man-made holocausts, aliens, nature gone awry and things from beyond time and space to completely mess with your characters. The true test of who and what you are is whether you hang on to your beliefs even when you know it won't make any difference.

Down in Flames is 72 pages, of which 12 are generic reference maps and the rest are the 13 short adventures. Conta... (vollständige Beschreibung)

16,00 EUR



BTR 7005

CORPS: 5 Gamemaster Screen

"At last. Now you have a way to keep your secrets hidden from the prying eyes of your players and those others who want to know what you are up to. Chock full of useful info for any CORPS GM. New character ads & disads. Gobs of odd NPC's. The short but twisted Conflagration adventure. "

10,00 EUR


BTR 9001

EPIPHANY - The Legends of Hyperborea

Epiphany is a radically different role-playing game for a radically changing world. Diceless, numberless, but still complex and realistic enough for tactical as well as dramatic purposes. Epiphany is set in the ancient mythical lands known to the Greeks as Hyperborea, the land north of the north wind. There you find the lost worlds of Atlantis, Lemuria and Mu, surrounding the now-frozen entrance to the Hollow Earth. Basking in the light and heat from the Inner Sun, they engage in exploration, po... (vollständige Beschreibung)

16,00 EUR


BTRC 4001

Guns! Guns! Guns! 3G3 (3rd edition)

Sammlerstück / Rarität


Guns! Guns! Guns! (3G3 for short) lets you design custom weapons for virtually any role-playing game. Design realistic weapons in 3G3's universal format, and then convert the stats to the system you like best, or even between different game systems. In addition to the overall conversion guidelines, there are now detailed conversion guides for TimeLords*, CORPS*, GURPS(, Cyberpunk(, MasterBook*, Traveller(, Traveller the New Era(, Battlelords of the 23rd Century*, Nexus*, Feng Shui*, Heavy Gear* ... (vollständige Beschreibung)

50,00 EUR


BTRC 4002

More 3G3 Guns 2nd. Ed.

Sammlerstück / Rarität


More Guns! takes over where 3G3 leaves off. It does the design work for you, and provides complete stats for over 500 guns and melee weapons for each of eight separate role-playing systems: TimeLords, CORPS, TORG, MegaTraveller, Cyberpunk, Twilight: 2000, GURPS and the Hero System. It truly is a weapon supplement from Hell.
In addition, the conversion rules for each system have been expanded for even more detail, with numerous examples and technical notes to provide inspiration for your own des... (vollständige Beschreibung)

36,00 EUR


Produkte von anderen Herstellern

Fantasy Encounter
RPG & Tabletop Bundle

FEC 07

CORPS Mega-Pack (Bundle)

CORPS ist der absolute Geheimtipp unter den generischen Rollenspielen. War die erste Auflage noch ein modernes Verschwörungsrollenspiel, so ist die zweite Auflage ein echter Konkurrent für GURPS... nur ist sie schlanker, realistischer, vollständiger und eleganter als es GURPS jemals war.

BTRC 7001 - Technology 1991
BTRC 7002 - Deathwind
BTRC 7003 - Corps Organization Book I
BTRC 7004 - Worldbook 1992
BTRC 7005 - CORPS Gamemaster Screen

48,00 EUR



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