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Flaming Cobra

Flaming Cobra

Flaming Cobra is a new imprint by Mongoose Publishing, designed to bring the very best of PDF and 'Indy' RPG publishers to a wider market in your local games stores and book shops.

We have combed the world to find these indy publishers and design studios and are confident that our partners are second to none. Already you will find CRafty Games has joined Flaming Cobra, bringing Spycraft with them, to stand alongside other titles such as The Immortals Handbook, Secret Societies and the much-awaited Cthulhutech.

If you are looking for gaming with a difference, the Flaming Cobra partners have just what you are looking for.


Produkte vom Herausgeber (Mongoose Publishing)


MGP 01003

Fantasy Craft: Time of High Adventure

Bitte vorbestellen


This is the Time of High Adventure...

Whether racing to contain a plague of inhuman proportions, quashing a cult dedicated to one of the oldest horrors in the known world, or delving into one of the most twisted dungeons ever devised, this is indeed the time of high adventure, when heroes rise, villains fall, the dead walk, and pech sell tickets!

Embrace the Days of Peril and Plunder

* Three adventures playable by parties of any level: protect the crossroads of Fels Cut from a new u... (vollständige Beschreibung)

ca. 26,00 EUR


MGP 6104

Nephandum RPG (D20) HC

Ancient cosmic terror looms over your campaign in this lavishly illustrated d20 book, fully compatible with any d20 setting. Five dark entities rule over five different aspects of fear: Disease, Madness, Blood, Darkness and
Savagery. They lurk in Nephandum, and now they are about to take over your campaign! The GM can freely choose the preferred degree of influence and the
style of play. Be prepared to face your worst fears and start a thrilling journey that will lead you into the darkest reac... (vollständige Beschreibung)

30,00 EUR


MGP 6114

Fantasy Craft (HC)

Hot Seller


Your Dungeon, Your Dragon, Your Way

The ultimate fantasy toolkit is here! At last, you can run a full-blown fantasy campaign of any scale using the award-winning Spycraft engine, or introduce some unexpected adventure into any Crafty setting! More than just another retread, Fantasy Craft gets back to why we love gaming in the first place. It's about the stakes, and raising them. It's about the odds, and beating them. It's about legends, and making them.

It's about you. Roll your dice like ... (vollständige Beschreibung)

50,00 EUR


MGP 6122

Dragon Warriors (HC)

Sammlerstück / Rarität


A smash hit in the 1980s, Dragon Warriors is an easily-grasped and fast-playing RPG of a dark medieval time where roving adventurers must deal with the schemes and power-plays of the feudal world and the terrifying inhabitants of British folklore and myth. Rich in atmosphere, magic and detail, it has a wide fan-base around the world. Both of its authors, Dave Morris and Oliver Johnson, have gone on to be successful fantasy novelists.

This edition has been revised and updated, with new artwork... (vollständige Beschreibung)

50,00 EUR



MGP 6101

Secret Societies

Every campaign setting has its cults, conspiracies, and secret societies. Find out what's worked for them in the real world and what's brought them down. Titans of conspiracy theory like the Freemasons, Knights Templar, and the Assassins rub shoulders with game-perfect organizations like Mossad, Aum Shinrikyo, and the Thule Society. Each of them is fully detailed, ready to serve as a source of inspiration or drop straight into your weekly game.

There's also advice on getting the most impact a... (vollständige Beschreibung)

26,00 EUR


MGP 6102

The Immortals Handbook - Bestiary

Behold Beasts from Beyond Imagination!
Unleash the most powerful collection of monstrous forces ever assembled and teach humility to even the mightiest immortals...
Expanded Size Rules, allowing for creatures of any size, even larger than universes...should you need them.
Ideas on how Density can be a factor in your game, leading to Virtual Size
A Universal Damage Table and how to modify damage based on the size of the monsters appendage.
A Glance at the Kosmos, an a... (vollständige Beschreibung)

26,00 EUR


MGP 6123

Dragon Warriors Bestiary (HC)

The Dragon Warriors Bestiary is an essential part of the Dragon Warriors game, containing detailed atmospheric descriptions of more than 120 of the races and species of the Lands of Legend, broken down by six different categories from the human-like races to the supernatural, those created by sorcery, the legions of hell, and the Undead.

The book also contains encounter tables, and charts for generating random NPCs and determining treasure. With great descriptions from best-selling author Dav... (vollständige Beschreibung)

26,00 EUR


MGP 6156

Friends or Foes

Friends of Foes describes 36 fascinating characters from all over the world of Dragon Warriors, and interconnects them in a weave of plots and history that can be used to underpin any number of adventures. There are corrupt nobles, weird sorcerers, people cursed by the Fae or tormented by the past, merchants and mercenaries, priests and peasants, and even a selection of notable monsters such as Jasper the Gargoyle and the Silver Stag.

Consider Baron Darcheaux, haunted by the ghost of his dead... (vollständige Beschreibung)

16,00 EUR



MGP 01002

Fantasy Craft: Adventure Companion

Journey to three original worlds and master new rules and character options with this essential handbook for Fantasy Craft GMs and players: join the vicious scheming and fierce combat of warring nations in Cloak & Dagger; face the primitive savagery and unearthly horror of the sword & sorcery Epoch; and venture through the winding river deltas and lost tombs of Sunchaser. Plus, many new Origins, classes, feats, and campaign qualities to enhance your characters and campaigns!

26,00 EUR


MGP 6124

Dragon Warriors : Sleeping Gods

SLEEPING GODS is the definitive campaign for Dragon Warriors: seven linked adventures that will lead players and characters from their first steps in the Lands of Legend through perilous encounters across the world with weird monsters, long-dead kings, very alive magi and treacherous companions. If they survive they will gain status, honour and possibly their own castle.

The campaign is ideal for novice players and GamesMasters, but has a depth and flavour that will make it fresh and interest... (vollständige Beschreibung)

26,00 EUR


MGP 6129

Dragon Warriors : The Elven Crystals

The Elven Crystals is a short campaign of four linked adventures: a quest across the kingdom of Ereworn to find four shards of an ancient crystal that forms a gateway to another world. But were they originally split up to stop anyone leaving this world... or to prevent something from getting in?

Along the way they will find themselves searching for a kidnapped girl in a forest populated by dark and supernatural beings; hunting a corrupted nobleman through his terrifying castle; a desperate ch... (vollständige Beschreibung)

20,00 EUR


MGP 6152

Dragon Warriors : Prince of Darkness

The tiny fief of Glissom sits at the northernmost tip of Ellesland, caught between icy wastes and warlike neighbours. Like its mountains, its culture seems to have been frozen by the ice: even its busy merchant-port is a throw-back to an earlier time, while bands of bloodied reivers stalk the roads and rivers, while folk-tales speak of ancient giants and stranger beings among the glaciers in the Brack Mountains.

When the PCs befriend a swashbuckling adventurer only to discover he is the heir ... (vollständige Beschreibung)

20,00 EUR


MGP 6171

Dragon Warriors : In from the Cold

Dieser Artikel ist endgültig vergriffen


In the 1980s Dave Morris was White Dwarf's leading writer, with a series of articles and adventures that are still discussed and played today. IN FROM THE COLD collects the cream of these pieces, converts them to the Dragon Warriors RPG, and makes them available to fans for the first time in 25 years.

The book contains the Demonologist as a playable PC profession, along with new demons and demon-princes for them to tackle, and two demon-heavy scenarios. There's material on the undead and how ... (vollständige Beschreibung)

endgültig vergriffen


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