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Upper Deck

Upper Deck
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Believe it or not, some Upper Deck products include a touch of Hollywood. In the past, Upper Deck has created trading cards of the movie Space Jam and entertainers Ricky Martin and Christina Aguilera. Just recently the division launched its new trading card game products with games of NASCAR, the TV hit series Survivor, Wizard In Training, CardCaptors and Bionicle.



Dark Legacy: The Rising


Welcome to world of Dark Legacy. A world ruled by the ruthless battle mage by the name of the Kaiser. The planet of Titan is at war. The Kaiser is bringing the world to its knees. This is a war where anything is possible and anyone can become a legend. It is here where your journey begins.

Dark Legacy is a unique strategy game that mixes the best elements of campaign-style adventure games and tactical customizable card games and wraps them all up into a in-depth sci-fi/fantasy story. In Dark Legacy, players are no longer bystanders of the battle; they get to be part of it as a war general within one of six different factions. With the unique and various weapons, armor and relics that a player can equip themselves with, players can become whomever they imagine themselves to be.

In Dark Legacy, players want to destroy their opponents and their armies by building a deck of magic spells that no one can withstand, rolling the d20 in their favor and strategically summoning their army to be the strongest. Just like in real battle, you have to anticipate the probability of the unexpected. Don't make choices too hastily for they may be the demise of your army and yourself.


Dinosaur King


Das Dinosaur King™ TCG ist ein leicht zu erlernendes, actionreiches Trading Card Game, das auf der Animationsserie Dinosaur King™ basiert. Diese erzählt die Geschichte der drei Kinder Max, Rex und Zoe, die auf der Suche nach den verlorenen Dinosaurier-Karten sind, welche die Macht haben, die Dinosaurier aus der Vergangenheit zum Leben zu erwecken. In dieser abenteuerlichen TV-Serie dreht sich alles um das Kartensammeln und wie man verhindert, dass sie in die falschen Hände geraten. Wer die Kontrolle über die Karten hat, kontrolliert auch die Dinos. Im Dinosaur King™ TCG können Kinder die aufregenden Kämpfe aus der TV-Serie mit Bewegungs-, Dinosaurier- und Charakterkarten nachspielen. Die coolen Kunst- und Foilkarten erhöhen zusätzlich den Sammelfaktor. In jeder Episode der Serie wird ein neuer Dinosaurier vorgestellt. Ab Episode 20 erscheint am Ende der jeweiligen Folge eine Liste mit allen bisher erschienen Dinos, damit die Kinder immer gut informiert sind. Das Trading Card Game enthält Karten, die die Kinder aus der TV-Serie kennen.


Gridiron Fantasy Football


Football in a dark, rougher future. It's not how you play... It's how you win!!!!!!!


Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game


Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game*/ is set in the Marvel
Comics universe. To set up the game, players choose a number of hero
decks – Spider-Man, Hulk, Cyclops, Wolverine, etc. – and shuffle
them together; since players use only a handful of hero decks out of
the fifteen included, the hero deck can vary widely in terms of
what's available. Players then choose a mastermind villain (Magneto,
Loki, Dr. Doom, etc.), stack that particular villain's attack cards
underneath it, then modify the villain deck as needed based on that
villain's particular scheme.

Over the course of the game, players will recruit powerful hero
cards to add to their deck in order to build a stronger and more
resourceful deck. Players need to build both their recruitment
powers (to enlist more heroes) and their fighting ability (to combat
the villains who keep popping up to cause trouble). Players recruit
heroes from an array of six cards, with empty slots refilled as
needed. At the start of a player's turn, he reveals a villain and
adds it to the row of villains. This row has a limited number of
spaces, and if it fills up, the earliest villain to arrive escapes,
possibly punishing the heroes in some way. Some villains also take
an action when showing up for the first time, such as kidnapping an
innocent bystander. The villain deck also contains "master strike"
cards, and whenever one of these shows up, the mastermind villain
(controlled by the game) takes a bonus action.

As players fight and defeat villains, they collect those cards,
which will be worth points at game's end. Players can also fight the
mastermind; if a player has enough fighting power, he claims one of
the attack cards beneath the mastermind, which has a particular
effect on the game. If all of these cards are claimed, the game ends
and players tally their points to see who wins. If the mastermind
completes his scheme, however – having a certain number of villains
escape, for example, or imposing a certain number of wounds on the
heroes – then the players all lose.




VS. System 2PCG - The Marvel Battles


Marvel Enterprises, Inc., is one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies. Marvel characters are instantly recognizable with both a devoted fan base and broad-based comsumer appeal. Top charatcers include The Hulk, Spider-Man, the X-Men, Captain America and the Fantastic Four. Upper Deck Entertainment will produce the most comprehensive collectible card program ever seen featuring these great Marvel characters, starting with The Hulk.




World of Warcraft Miniatures Game


The World of WarCraft Miniatures Game is Upper Deck Entertainments first venture into the collectible miniatures game market. The game features characters from every class available in the World of WarCraft computer game, including signature heroes like Warchief Thrall, Leeroy Jenkins, High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind, and Archmage Arugal.

Various styles of play are available:
Skirmishes- Combat between parties containing one to five characters.
Dungeon Exploration - Co-operative or competitive play in an automated dungeon.
Onyxia Raid - Combat against Onyxia (the black dragon). This raid can be played solo or co-operatively against the Onyxia or one player can control Onyxia by fighting against the other players.




World of Warcraft TCG


Horns blaze across the Eastern Kingdoms, calling the Alliance to arms. The drums of Durotar hasten the Horde to prepare for the looming conflict ahead. Glorious battles, prized treasures and dominion over all of Azeroth are on the table! Heroes will be made. Legends will be written. Heed the Call! Upper Deck and Blizzard Entertainment have joined forces to unleash the World of Warcraft trading card game! Play as your favorite class and race! Experience clever new multiplayer gameplay! Form a raiding party to defeat the deckmaster's ultra-powerful Raid Deck! Discover uniquely-coded rare "Loot" cards featuring cosmetic upgrades for your World of Warcraft online character!






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