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Android: The Games





Anima: Beyond Fantasy





Arkham Horror


The town of Arkham, Massachusetts, is in a panic.

Horrific and bizarre events have begun to occur with increasing frequency - all seeming to point towards some cataclysmic event in the near future that may spell disaster for everyone.

Only one small band of investigators can save Arkham from the Great Old Ones and destruction!




BattleLore System 2nd Edition (engl. & dt.)


Prepare for fantasy battles beyond your wildest imagination with the onslaught of BattleLore Second Edition. Set in the fantasy realm of Terrinoth, BattleLore Second Edition is a two-player board game focused on squad-based battles between the hardy defenses of the Daqan Lords garrison in Nordgard Castle and the unleashed ferocity of the demon-worshipping Uthuk Y’llan. You must strategically command your troops and use the power of lore to tip your battles in your favor.
In every game, you will create new maps and scenarios, before mustering a new army for each game, so you can tailor your army to suit your favored play style. Command armies of fearsome warriors and deadly creatures, and lead them against the enemy in this intense game of warfare and military strategy. By seizing victory points from objectives on the battlefield and by eliminating enemy units, a skilled commander can raise his banners as the victor over the borderlands of Terrinoth!




Battles of Napoleon's Collection


For twenty years, from 1796 until the final defeat at Waterloo in 1815, Napoleon Bonaparte and his generals fought on the battlefields of all Europe.

Battles of Napoleon is a gaming system that allows two players to recreate the most important historical battles the era. The Eagle and the Lion, the first game in the Battles of Napoleon series, gives you all you need to recreate many of the major clashes that saw the French and English armies –sworn enemies – face each other on the battlefields of Belgium, Spain and Italy. No less than 10 battles are featured, each of them based on a major historical event.


Battlestar Galactica - Boardgame/Brettspiel


Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game is an exciting game of mistrust, intrigue, and the struggle for survival. Based on the epic and widely-acclaimed Sci Fi Channel series, Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game puts players in the role of one of ten of their favorite characters from the show. Each playable character has their own abilities and weaknesses, and must all work together in order for humanity to have any hope of survival. However, one or more players in every game secretly side with the Cylons. Players must attempt to expose the traitor while fuel shortages, food contaminations, and political unrest threatens to tear the fleet apart.

After the Cylon attack on the Colonies, the battered remnants of the human race are on the run, constantly searching for the next signpost on the road to Earth. They face the threat of Cylon attack from without, and treachery and crisis from within. Humanity must work together if they are to have any hope of survival…but how can they, when any of them may, in fact, be a Cylon agent?

Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game is a semi-cooperative game for 3-6 players ages 10 and up that can be played in 2-3 hours. Players choose from pilots, political leaders, military leaders, or engineers to crew Galactica. They are also dealt a loyalty card at the start of the game to determine if they are a human or Cylon along with an assortment of skill cards based on their characters abilities. Players then can move and take actions either on Galactica, on Colonial 1, or in a Viper. They need to collect skill cards, fend off Cylon ships, and keep Galactica and the fleet jumping. Each turn also brings a Crisis Card, various tasks that players must overcome. Players need to play matching skill cards to fend off the problems; skill cards that don't match hinder the players success. Fate could be working against the crew, or there could be a traitorous Cylon! As players get closer and closer towards reaching their Earth, another round of loyalty cards are passed out and more Cylons may turn up. If players can keep their up their food stores, fuel levels, ship morale, and population, and they can keep Galactica in one piece long enough to make it to Earth, the Humans win the game. But if the Cylon players reveal themselves at the right moment and bring down Galactica, the Humans have lost.

Das Brettspiel vereint Kooperation und Paranoia, passend zur Atmosphäre der Serie. Während die Spieler sich bemühen, die Flotte mit den überlebenden Menschen vor den Zylonen in Sicherheit zu bringen, entstehen bereits die ersten Gerüchte, ob einer der Spieler nicht selber ein Zylon ist. Die aus der Serie bekannten Charaktere, wie Commander Adama, Gaius Baltha oder Pilotin Starbuck stellen sich Revolten, Ressourcenknappheit und Angriffen der Zylonen, um das Überleben der Menschheit zu sichern.

Bei Battlestar Galactica übernehmen die Spieler die Rolle eines von 10 Charakteren an Bord eines der Raumschiffe der flüchtenden Flotte. Jeder Charakter besitzt unterschiedliche Stärken und Schwächen, jedoch müssen sie alle zusammen arbeiten, um die Menschheit zu retten. Zu Beginn des Spiels wird geheim und zufällig bestimmt, wer mit den Cylonen kollaboriert. Die anderen Spieler müssen diese/n Verräter entlarven, während die Ressourcen zuneige gehen, politische Krisen entstehen und Anschläge verübt werden.


Blue Moon (engl.)


The world of Blue Moon is in chaos. Its god has abandoned it, and its people are in open war against each other, while the ruling power of three elemental dragons reigns above all! In this original 2-player game designed by Reiner Knizia, each player takes control over one of the Blue Moon peoples - the creative machinations of the Mimix, the fiery Vulca, the lofty Flit, and the clever Hoax - in their quest for dominance. The Blue Moon Legends basic set provides all the material needed to play, including details on the various peoples, a game board, full-color rules, and three plastic dragon figures. Expansion packs contain additional people cards.


Blue Planet


Prepare for a compelling journey into humanity's future on a distant planet where life is hard and dying is easy. A world where GEO Marshals enforce the peace and wired mercs patrol deep waters in deadly fighter subs. A place where corporate greed and human desperation ravage an alien ecology, threatening to plunge humanity into a war of survival with an ancient legacy.

Welcome to the world of Blue Planet


Cadwallon: City of Thieves


Cadwallon: City of Thieves is a fast-paced game of cunning thievery and ruthless skullduggery in a fantasy city steeped in magic and intrigue. Two to four players each control their own gang of four thieves, competing to amass the greatest haul of loot from the many carefully locked chests scattered about the board. This is no friendly competition, however, and there is little loyalty among thieves in Cadwallon! The most successful players are as likely to claim their loot from the other gangs as they are to do the time-consuming legwork themselves. And always there is the Guild, directing the gangs from the shadows, and offering rich rewards to those who follow its will. But there is little time to waste; even the slow-witted militiamen will eventually raise the alarm... and woe be upon any thief who fails to creep away before the lawmen seal the district!


Call of Cthulhu CCG


H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos explores strange worlds filled with horrors beyond description and the hardboiled investigators who face them.

In the Call of Cthulhu CCG, you can play a horrific organization trying to hatch its terrifying plots, heroic investigators fighting to stop the creatures of the Mythos, or even create an unlikely alliance combining the two!




Call of Cthulhu CCG (deutsch)


Call of Cthulhu "Unheimliche Schrecken" heißt die erste Edition zu der es Boosterpacks und Starter geben wird. Dies ist die Grundserie für das Call of Ctulhu CCG. Mit den Unheimliche Schrecken Boostern tauchen sie noch tiefer ein, in die Welt von H.P. Lovecraft. Jede der sieben Fraktionen wird um neue Charaktere, neue nervenzerfetzende Schrecken, magische Folianten und uralte Artefakte erweitert.




Call of Cthulhu LCG


"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.¨
- H.P. Lovecraft, Supernatural Horror in Literature

Welcome to the world of the Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game, a world based on the weird fiction of H.P. Lovecraft and his literary circle. In this world, conflicts rage between cosmic powers who want the world for their own unfathomable purposes and the human agencies dedicated to stopping them.

The weird world of H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos has drawn in fans for more than eighty years, with its richly painted themes of suspense, adventure, and the eerie unknown. Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game is fully immersed in this world and what is more, places you, as a player, in control of some of the facets of that world.

A typical game of Call of Cthulhu plays very quickly between two players and it has a high-level of player interaction, analysis of open information, planning and strategy. There is a wide variety of possible combinations of factions (Syndicate with Agency, Cthulhu with Hastur, etc.) and each combination will necessitate a different, challenging approach, providing high levels of re-playability.

One of the major appeals of the Living Card Game® format is that it gives you not only a solid game experience, full of strategy and excitement, but it also allows you to customize your gaming experience to your liking. As you customize your deck from the Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game card pool, you get to build a strategy around your personal play style. Your options for deck-building are wide open and will continue to grow as we release more Asylum Packs, which will introduce new cards to the card pool every month.

Call of Cthulhu is a two-player card game in which players construct decks from a choice of seven different factions from the Cthulhu Mythos. Players then muster their decks against each other and attempt to win story cards through various challenges. The first player to win three story cards wins the game.

Story cards represent the bizarre and frightening situations that investigators and cultists alike find themselves contending in. Story cards are won through a series of struggles: Terror, Combat, Arcane and Investigation, and finally through a comparison of skill. A well-balanced assortment of characters, support cards, and events, is the cornerstone of any Call of Cthulhu deck.

The Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game Core Set comes with everything you will need to play the game including success tokens, domain markers, a game board, and cards from all seven factions. All you need is an opponent and you're ready to play.

Eight different factions contend against each other in Call of Cthulhu. Any of the eight factions can be combined together: they can be allies one game and enemies the next. A player's deck will typically be composed of two factions, for example, Miskatonic and Agency, Hastur and Shub-Niggurath, to name two of the many possible two-faction combinations, although it is not unheard of or against the rules to construct a deck with anywhere from just one faction to all eight combined.

Each faction has its own strengths and weaknesses and different combinations of factions produce different games and strategies. The factions are each comprised of the characters, locations, and events and represent the various facets of the Cthulhu Mythos story cycle.

Some of the text presented here is excerpted from Chris Long's excellent "Guide to the Faction Rainbow"

The Agency, Miskatonic University, The Order of the Silver Twilight, and The Syndicate comprise Call of Cthulhu's human factions.

The Agency – With its network of police officers and concerned citizens, the Blackwood Detective Agency combs dive bars, the docks and the back alleys, hunting the servants of the Mythos. This faction's specialty is Combat and appeals to aggressive and destructive players.

Miskatonic University – No human beings know more about the Mythos than the learned professors at Miskatonic U. Miskatonic's chief strategy is to get in, get the information, and get out as fast as possible, hopefully avoiding Terror and Combat. Miskatonic excels at speedy Investigation and card draw, and appeals to "rushing" players.

The Syndicate – "The seedy underbelly of the city. These guys know what's going on, and are trying to figure out how to turn it to their advantage." They are amoral criminals of all sorts, but compared to the forces of the Ancient Ones, even criminals can seem like the good guys. The Syndicate's specialty, naturally, is sneakiness: exhausting opponent's characters, lowering skill, and switching stories are just some of tricks up The Syndicate's sleeve.

The Order of the Silver Twilight – Ostensibly a private club for high society's movers and shakers, but behind this facade lies an unending quest into the darkest corners of magic in search of power and world dominance. The Order's specialty is prolonged Rituals that trigger off of cards leaving play through sacrifices and discard. The Order of the Silver Twilight is not included in the Call of Cthulhu Core Set. It is introduced in the Order of the Silver Twilight expansion.

In addition, there are four factions based on the elder and outer gods:

Cthulhu – The cult of Cthulhu can be found throughout the world's history, in all cultures, among all races, human and otherwise. As can be expected from the faction of Cthulhu itself, this faction specializes in striking terror into opponents and then destroying them utterly. This faction can often turn on itself, though, so invoke Cthulhu carefully!

Hastur – The subtle cult of Hastur is composed of deranged artists and raving lunatics, many of whom do not even truly realize who it is they serve and they delight in the spread of insanity's slow poison. Hastur is a very strong control faction - cancellation as well as hand control - and appeals to the slower, more defensive player.

Yog-Sothoth – Yog-Sothoth is the key to the gate, whereby the spheres meet; Its worshippers know the secret ways between the worlds. Where Yog-Sothoth outpaces every other faction is in recursion - returning cards from discard - as well as search cards to help you find what you need when you need it.

Shub-Niggurath – The horrid Mother spawns uncountable servants of all forms and types, as well as attracting worshippers from the outcast, the perverse, and the deranged. The faction of the Black Goat of the Woods with One Thousand Young, Shub-Niggurath excels at flooding the playing field with creatures, not just low-level grunts, but also lowering the cost of high-level monsters. Shub-Niggurath lends itself well to "rushing" players who also like to engage in combat.

There are also several neutral cards that belong to no faction and can therefore be played in any deck. They form the ranks of the unaligned, but universally useful. A rare deck has no neutral cards in it.




Civilization Boardgames


Civilization: The Board Game is inspired by the legendary video game series created by Sid Meier. Players are tasked with guiding an entire civilization throughout the ages, taking ownership of your people’s technology, economy, culture, and military, as well as all the choices that go along with them. There are four different paths to victory, and each is riddled with opposition.


Cosmic Encounter - The Boardgame (engl. & dt.)


Build a galactic empire... In the depths of space, the alien races of the Cosmos vie with each other for control of the universe. Alliances form and shift from moment to moment, while cataclysmic battles send starships screaming into the warp. Players choose from dozens of alien races, each with its own unique power to further its efforts to build an empire that spans the galaxy.

Many classic aliens from earlier editions of this beloved game return, such as the Oracle, the Loser, and the Clone. Newly discovered aliens also join the fray, including Remora, Mite, and Tick-Tock. This classic game of alien politics returns from the warp once more.

In Cosmic Encounter, each player is the leader of an alien race. On a player's turn, he or she becomes the offense. The offense encounters another player on a planet by moving a group of his or her ships through the hyperspace gate to that planet. The offense draws from the destiny deck which contains colors, wilds and specials. He or she then takes the hyperspace gate and points at one planet in the system indicated by the drawn destiny card. The offense vs. the defenses ships are in the encounter and both sides are able to invite allies, play an encounter card as well as special cards to try and tip the encounter in their favor.

The object of the game is to establish colonies in other players' planetary systems. Players take turns trying to establish colonies. The winner(s) are the first player(s) to have five colonies on any planets outside his or her home system. A player does not need to have colonies in all of the systems, just colonies on five planets outside his or her home system. These colonies may all be in one system or scattered over multiple systems. The players must use force, cunning, and diplomacy to ensure their victory.


Dawnforge ( D20 )


Welcome to an age of legend!

The world of Dawnforge is a mythic land rich in magic and wonder where great empires clash, intrepid explorers journey beyond wild frontiers, and mighty heroes brave epic dangers. It is a land where familiar and beloved races and archetypes are reaching the pinnacle of their glory and wonder. It is a vast and rich realm where newborn nations are still islands of civilization in a dark and unexplored wilderness sea. The world of Dawnforge is a land where the greatest deeds have yet to be done and epic heroes are wrought in the crucible of legend.

The Dawnforge campaign setting offers players and DMs an opportunity to explore and experience a mythic age. In Dawnforge, you play truly legendary characters whose powers and abilities far surpass those of other worlds. Play an ageless elf lord, a towering minotaur warrior, or a tiefling wizard who seeks to forge his destiny through fiendish pacts.

Dawnforge is an exciting new campaign setting designed for legendary fantasy roleplaying in the d20 System. Dawnforge was chosen as a semifinalist from more than 10,000 submissions in a worldwide setting search.


Descent: Journeys in the Dark (dt. & engl.)


In Descent: Journeys in the Dark, heroes explore the corridors, chambers, and caverns that exist below the surface of the world, gathering equipment and treasure, battling monsters, and working together as a team to complete their quest. Can you survive the dark?




Disk Games


A miniatures wargame without the miniatures. Each player builds an army using cardboard disks and then battle it out. Each disk represents one unit in the army, and most units have special abilities. Disks are moved around the table by flipping them end over end. The game rules come with multiple scenarios which accomodate 2 or more players.




DOOM - The Boardgame


The Union Aerospace Corporation, an arm of the most powerful conglomerate on Earth, was performing secret experiments in their base on Mars. Tapping into the very fabric of the universe itself, UAC scientists made discoveries that would forever change human existence.
Then something went terribly wrong...

With Doom: the Boardgame, Fantasy Flight Games brings one of the most famous computer games of all time to the tabletop. Marine players explore darkened corridors and rooms battling imps, hell knights, archviles, and other classic DOOM® monsters, while the Monster player tries to bring them down using the legion of horrors at his command. Doom: The Boardgame includes more than 60 finely detailed plastic miniatures, the largest of which stands approximately 80mm tall, and features weapons, monsters, and graphics taken from the best-selling DOOM 3 computer game.


Dragonstar ( D20 Modern )


The Galaxy ocean of stars stretching across the vastness of space, home to great civilizations built on the twin pillars of magic and science.

The Great War
...a titanic conflict that raged across the stars and devoured worlds whole as untold legions of dragons battled for supremacy.

The Ancient Pact
...a truce forged of hope and desperation, giving birth to an empire ruled in a line of succession by the most powerful elders of the dragon clans.

The New Emperor
...the great red wyrm assumes the Golden Throne after five millennia of peace.

The Future
...a dark and unknown horizon, as unrest grows on a million worlds and countless races suffer under the tyrannical rule of the new emperor

Welcome to Dragonstar, a boundless universe of magic and machine, science and sorcery. Intrepid adventurers explore the Outlands in starships powered by fusion fire and arcane rituals. Dwarven prospectors work veins of pure adamantite in remote asteroid belts, and elven loremasters conduct secret experiments in living space stations. Grizzled mercenaries augment their bodies with bioengineered spellware, and orc raiders armed with pulse lasers massacre innocents on isolated colony worlds.

Dragonstar is a unique space-fantasy campaign setting for the d20 System, from Fantasy Flight Games. Written by verteran designers Matt Forbeck and Greg Benage. Prepare to take your adventure to the stars!


Dust: Tactics


1950 - After the discovering of an alien artifact that has changed the flow of history in the '40s, the Cold War is fought between three political blockades: the SinoRussian, the Axis and the Allies.

Armed with incredible weapons, derived from alien technology, the great powers are trying to take control of the planet. In the meanwhile groups of specialized forces are fighting in any corner of the planet to discover secrets scattered all around the world. not to mention the diplomatic war that is fought also inside the blockades.

Is a war battled also in the underground, with spies working to steal secrets and diplomats trying to create new alliances.

Secret bases, hidden in the most uncomfortable places on hearth, are trying to develop new lethal weapons using the information given by the aliens found and trying to find a way to manage the incredible power of a mysterious energy that lies inside our planet.




Elder Sign


It is 1926, and the museum's extensive collection of exotic curios and occult artifacts poses a threat to the barriers between our world and the elder evils lurking between dimensions. Gates to the beyond begin to leak open, and terrifying creatures of increasing strength steal through them. Animals, the mad, and those of more susceptible minds are driven to desperation by the supernatural forces the portals unleash. Only a handful of investigators race against time to locate the eldritch symbols necessary to seal the portals forever. Only they can stop the Ancient One beyond from finding its way to Earth and reducing humanity to cinders.

Elder Sign is a fast-paced, cooperative dice game of supernatural intrigue for one to eight players by Richard Launius and Kevin Wilson, the designers of Arkham Horror. Players take the roles of investigators racing against time to stave off the imminent return of the Ancient One. Armed with tools, allies, and occult knowledge, investigators must put their sanity and stamina to the test as they adventure to locate Elder Signs, the eldritch symbols used to seal away the Ancient Ones and win the game.

To locate Elder Signs, investigators must successfully endure Adventures within the museum and its environs. A countdown mechanism makes an Ancient One appear if the investigators are not quick enough. The investigators must then battle the Ancient One. A clever and thematic dice mechanism pits their exploration against monsters and the sheer difficulty of staying sane and healthy, all within the standard game duration of one to two hours.


Fantasy Flight Supply


Fantasy Flight Games understands that your games are an important investment of your free time, and in order to get the most enjoyment out of your games, you want them to have a long life. But sometimes, accidents happen and pieces get lost.

You may also have the desire to customize your games, adding a touch of your own personality to your favorite Fantasy Flight titles. Fantasy Flight Supply is a complete line of game-specific supplies that will help to protect your game components and enhance your gaming experiences.




Uses a new non-d20 system we're calling "Dynamic d6," which combines attributes and skills to allow players to distribute their personal "resources" on a turn-by-turn basis. This kind of allocation allows for a pretty intense level of detail and strategy in encounter resolutions, or a very free-flowing style, depending on your preferences.
The core rules will be printed in two volumes, the Player's Handbook and the Game Master's Handbook, with 208 pages each.
Each book will include 16 color pages, with artwork by William O'Connor, Scott Schomburg, Camille Kuo, William Eaken, and a world map by William McCausland.
Gen Con release.
Game Summary: In Fireborn, the players are ancient dragons of myth reincarnated in human form. They live in a dark and ominous modern age poisoned by mystery and the occult. Magic has returned, and every secret power is out to control it. The common man is caught in the middle of countless power struggles, and governments and police are helpless unless they make deals with rogue sorcerers, who always have their own agendas. Luckily for the players, they are not common men. They are the dragons of old, reborn in human form, and they are the only ones with the knowledge and power to stop the catastrophe, the taint, that spelled the end of the mythic age so long ago... but in order to stop the end, the dragons must remember who they were in the beginning.
The key to these remembrances are flashbacks, returns to a mythic age where the players, as dragons, reign supreme. Yet they are opposed by fate as conjurers make pacts with dark beings and threaten the world in their mad schemes for power, a clan of titans vies with dragons for the worship and adoration of mankind, and whole empires are seduced into causing their own destruction.

This dual-campaign mode allows the game to switch from Matrix-style cinematic modern action in the streets of London, complete with claw-wielding, gun-fu-fighting, spell-slinging combatants, to epic mythic age battles between dragons, titans, beasts, and legions of arcane warriors.




Real-time fantasy battles!

Drums are pounding like the feet of a thousand soldiers. Swords and armor glisten across the horizon. War cries rise all around, the pulse quickens, adrenaline flows, and the frenzy is upon you!

In Frenzy, the real-time fantasy battle card game, you are the general of a mighty army, maneuvering your troops to overrun your opponent’s forces and raid his supply lines while defending your own supplies. Because the game is played in real time, you can play cards as fast as you want without having to wait your turn!

Frenzy is a game for 2 players that can be played in approximately 5-10 minutes.

The Game
A game of Frenzy lasts 3 rounds. During each round, you and your opponent play cards as fast as you want to compete for control of 3 Battlefields. At the end of each round, the winner of each Battlefield scores a number of points for raiding his opponent’s supply lines. At the end of the third round, the player who has scored the most points wins the game.


Game of Thrones/ Der Eiserne Thron LCG


A Game of Thrones LCG...
is a game of epic battles and intrigue for 2-4 players. Players vie for the Iron Throne as one of the six Great Houses of Westeros using their favorite characters from George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire novels in military, intrigue and power challenges.
The Core Set is the best way to start playing it contains a game board, high-quality pieces and four playable out of the box decks.
By buying Chapter Packs, fixed 40 card supplements that feature 20 distinct cards, players will be able to customize their core decks, or create strategies and decks of their own.






Face down a dragon as a brave knight, hack into a corporate security system as an elite runner, set sail in your airship. Unlimited adventure awaits you in Genesys, a new roleplaying system designed for a variety of settings and limited only by your imagination.

The Genesys experience begins with the Genesys Core Rulebook, which features an explanation of the innovative narrative dice system and core mechanics of the game, an overview of five different settings in which to place campaigns, and advice for Game Masters to craft a myriad of adventures with unparalleled freedom.


Grimm RPG


Nach dem Erfolg in der Horizon D20 Reihe, nun als eigenständiges RPG in HardCover Format.


Horizons (D20)


Horizons ist ein neues Konzept von Fantasy Flight Games in dem sie immer neue Welten und Kampagnen Ideen im One-Shot Format, für das D20 System herausbringen.


Legend & Lairs ( D20 )


The Legends & Lairs sourcebooks provide new ways to kick ass for fantasy d20 System campaigns. All Legends & Lairs sourcebooks are beautifully illustrated and include new rules to expand your d20 campaign and bring it to life.


Legend of the Five Rings


It is an era of sudden change and upheaval in Rokugan. Mortal schemes, natural calamities, and celestial turmoil alike have disrupted the political, military, and spiritual equilibrium of the land. Long-simmering rivalries and fresh betrayals ripple through the courts and on the battlefield. The Chrysanthemum Throne is beset by threats from without and within, and the honor of the seven Great Clans shall be put to the test. Who among the clans will prove strong enough to guide Rokugan in these tumultuous times? Will their names be lifted up beside those of the honored ancestors, or will they fall among the ranks of the empire’s most infamous villains?

This is the stage of the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Core Rulebook, a new roleplaying experience in the world of Rokugan.


Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game


The Emerald Empire of Rokugan. It is a land upheld by honor, guided by fate, ruled by destiny. The Great Clans each support the Emperor, but inter-clan conflict is inevitable—both in the Emperor’s courts and on the battlefield. In the midst of danger and turmoil, honor must be your sword and your armor.

Enter the vibrant world of Rokugan with Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game, a Living Card Game® of honor and conflict for two players! Drawing on the legacy of AEG’s original Legend of the Five Rings collectible card game, and now reimagined with new mechanics, story, and the Living Card Game distribution model, you are invited to join the Great Clans, uphold the tenets of Bushidō, and fulfill your duty to your daimyō and the Emperor in a world shaped and changed by a dynamic, player-influenced story.

During the game, you take on the leadership of one of the Great Clans which define Rokugani society, and you are cast into conflict against another clan. Your conflicts will decide the future of Rokugan, whether you’re battling with a katana or with cutting words, but the samurai of your clan cannot remain by your side indefinitely—when their destinies are fulfilled, you must find new allies to continue your conflicts. Ultimately, it’s your choice whether you will fight with honor or use unsavory means, but in every game, it is your role to lead your clan to victory.




Legends of Percevan


The evil Baron Deadstone has stolen three mystical gemstones that will make him invincible. Only Percevan, brave knight and servant of the king, can stop him. But to do so he will have to travel to the frozen lands across the sea and risk many dangers. Fortunately, he has the assistance of a powerful sorceress! This volume collects 'The Three Stars of Ingaar,' 'The Tomb of Ice,' and 'The Sword of Ganael' and presents these stories in English for the first time!


Live Action



Lord of the Rings: The Card Game / Das Kartenspiel


The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game is a cooperative card game that puts 1-2 players (or up to four with two Core Sets!) in control of the most powerful characters and artifacts of Middle-earth. Players will select heroes, gather allies, acquire artifacts, and coordinate their efforts to face Middle-earth’s most dangerous fiends. By cooperating to overcome the obstacles drawn from the encounter deck, you will complete the quest before you and claim victory!




Midnight Campaign Setting ( D20 )


Welcome to Midnight! A hundred years have passed since the Shadow in the North triumphed over the free nations of Aryth. The dark one’s corrupt lieutenants, the Night Kings, rule with an iron fist over ruined cities and shattered empires. The dwarves of Kaladrun have retreated into their mountain holdfasts, and the elves of Erethor have withdrawn into the heart of their vast and ancient forest. Twisted, incorporeal spirits known as sniffers hunt down the last true masters of magic, and the Shadow’s dark and secretive priesthood, the legates of the Order of Shadow, seek out elven spies, dwarven insurgents, and the few brave heroes who stand defiant against the fall of night.

Midnight is a new fantasy campaign setting coming in the spring of 2003 from Fantasy Flight Games. It is fully compatible with the d20 System but features many new and exciting rules expansions and alternate systems. Players can choose from all new character classes, such as the channeler and wildlander. They can select heroic paths for their characters, such as the ironborn and dragonblooded, that give them the unique gifts of truly legendary heroes. Players can also explore new rules for learning and casting spells that allow any character to wield the power of magic. Best of all, this new magic system is seamlessly integrated with the hundreds of existing spells designed for the d20 System core rules.


Mutant Chronicles-Collectible Miniatures Game


54mm scale science fiction collectible miniatures game released in 2 player starter packs and booster packs. Mutant Chronicles is set in the far future of our own solar system, where Mega-corporations battle each other as well as a dark invader. Power-armored doom troopers, magic, and monsters mix in this exciting dark future space-fantasy setting.




Runebound - The Fantasy Boardgame


Welcome to Runebound!

In Runebound, you and your opponents take on the roles of heroes questing across the land in search of adventure. Along the way, you will find magical artifacts and cunning allies help you in your quest. You will also encounter terrible villains and fiendish traps you must overcome in order to complete your quest.

The heart of Runebound is the adventure. The adventure determines the object of your quest, and what wonders and obstacles you will encounter along the way.

The adventure included in the base Runebound set is "Rise of the Dragon Lords." In this adventure, the vile necromancer Vorakesh is trying to find the ancient Dragon Runes and use them to resurrect Margath, the long-dead High Lord of the evil dragons. As a Hero of the land, it is your duty to stop Vorakesh from carrying out his mad designs.


Runewars - Miniatures Game (engl. & deutsch)


The chill mists have an evil reputation, billowing and moving like a thing alive. But the true terror lies within the mist, a dead kingdom garrisoned by undying legions. These legions now march on the border territory of Roth’s Vale… and all Terrinoth will know war again.

The great powers of Terrinoth have clashed countless times over the ages, spilling the blood of man and beast alike on the battlefields of war. Through innumerable battles, armies have maneuvered and conquered, and legendary commanders have risen from the ashes to lead their warriors to victory and greatness. Now, you can take your place among those hallowed captains with Runewars Miniatures Game, a miniatures game of tactical, rank-and-file warfare, set in the realm of Terrinoth!


Star Wars RPG (engl. & dt.)


Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire is a standalone roleplaying game experience that places players in the roles of hard-hearted bounty hunters, roguish scoundrels, charming smugglers, or fearless explorers trying to survive and thrive on the edges of civilization...and the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire beta test is your chance to be among the first to play!




Star Wars: Armada (englisch & deutsch)


Massive Star Destroyers fly to battle against Rebel corvettes and frigates. Banks of turbolasers unleash torrential volleys of fire against squadrons of X-wing and TIEs. Engineering teams race to route additional power to failing shields. Laser blasts and explosions flare across the battlefield. Even a single ship can change the tide of battle.

In Star Wars: Armada, you assume the role of fleet admiral, serving with either the Imperial Navy or Rebel Alliance. You assemble your fleet and engage the enemy. Using the game’s unique maneuver tool, you steer your capital ships across the battlefield, even while squadrons of starfighters buzz around them. Then, as these ships exchange fire, it’s your job to issue the tactical commands that will decide the course of battle and, perhaps, the fate of the galaxy.

Maneuver Tool
The maneuver tool is one of the game’s most innovative features and adds a unique feel to the way your capital ships must accommodate for inertia as they maneuver through the stars.

It consists of a number of segments linked with hinges, which is used to plot the ship's course. More nimble ships are allowed to turn the ship further at each hinge.

Command Stack
Armada balances the awesome scale of the Star Wars galaxy’s ships and space warfare with intuitive ship designs and accessible rules for issuing commands and resolving combat that make for rich, engaging, and highly tactical play experiences.

Capital ships are extremely powerful war machines, but they’re also massive and sophisticated vessels that can’t swiftly react to every development in the heat of battle. Accordingly, the key to flying these vessels effectively is learning how to plan ahead. You want to issue your commands in such a way that your crews will be ready to execute them at just the right times.

Each of your pre-painted capital ships has a command value, which determines how many commands it will have in its stack at any given point in time. During setup, you secretly build your initial command stack, selecting from any of four different commands, each of which provides a different advantage. Once you have locked your selections, you place the commands in your stack in the order of your choice. Then, during each round of game play, you secretly select and assign a new command to your ship, placing it at the bottom of your command stack, before you reveal the command at the top of your stack and gain its benefits.




Star Wars: Destiny (english & deutsch)


Enter a world of epic, saga-spanning, “what if” battles with the Kylo Ren Starter Set for Star Wars™: Destiny! With an array of characters that spans the saga from The Phantom Menace to The Force Awakens, Star Wars: Destiny gives you the freedom to play out any battle you can imagine. Innovative gameplay blends dice and cards as you strategize exactly how to defeat your opponent’s characters. Meanwhile, the game’s collectible model invites you to enter the game at whatever pace you choose, tweaking your decks with the addition of new cards and dice from booster packs.

Übernimm die Kontrolle über deinen Lieblings- Star Wars-Charakter und bestimme das Schicksal der Galaxis! Verstärke deine Helden und Schurken mit Karten und Würfeln und bekämpfe deine Gegner mit dem schnellen und spaßigen Dice Duel System.




Star Wars: Empire vs. Rebellion Card Game


Take command of the unlimited resources of the Galactic Empire or the heroic men and women of the Rebel Alliance in Star Wars™: Empire vs. Rebellion, a card game for two players. In every round, you and your opponent match wits and resources in a struggle during a key event from the Galactic Civil War. You’ll need to stretch your resources to the limit to outmaneuver your opponent and end up on top of the struggle.

As you employ your resources, iconic characters from the Star Wars saga can have powerful effects on the outcome of a struggle. Whether you leap to the rescue with Luke Skywalker, or scheme in the shadows with Jabba the Hutt, these characters shape every struggle they enter. At the same time, overarching strategies give you a way to surprise your opponent. Secretly chosen at the beginning of each round, strategy cards can help you claim victory from the most unlikely scenarios. By winning enough struggles for the Empire or the Rebellion, you are victorious.


Star Wars: Imperial Assault (engl. & dt.)


Star Wars: Imperial Assault is a strategy board game of tactical combat and missions for two to five players, offering two distinct games of battle and adventure in the Star Wars universe!

Imperial Assault puts you in the midst of the Galactic Civil War between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire after the destruction of the Death Star over Yavin 4. In this game, you and your friends can participate in two separate games. The campaign game pits the limitless troops and resources of the Galactic Empire against a crack team of elite Rebel operatives as they strive to break the Empire’s hold on the galaxy, while the skirmish game invites you and a friend to muster strike teams and battle head-to-head over conflicting objectives.

In the campaign game, Imperial Assault invites you to play through a cinematic tale set in the Star Wars universe. One player commands the seemingly limitless armies of the Galactic Empire, threatening to extinguish the flame of the Rebellion forever. Up to four other players become heroes of the Rebel Alliance, engaging in covert operations to undermine the Empire’s schemes. Over the course of the campaign, both the Imperial player and the Rebel heroes gain new experience and skills, allowing characters to evolve as the story unfolds.

Imperial Assault offers a different game experience in the skirmish game. In skirmish missions, you and a friend compete in head-to-head, tactical combat. You’ll gather your own strike force of Imperials, Rebels, and Mercenaries and build a deck of command cards to gain an unexpected advantage in the heat of battle. Whether you recover lost holocrons or battle to defeat a raiding party, you’ll find danger and tactical choices in every skirmish.




Star Wars: Legion


Star Wars: Legion Core Set Information
Build your army, command your troops in battle, and conquer anyone who stands in your way!
“It was I who allowed the Alliance to know the location of the shield generator. It is quite safe from your pitiful little band. An entire legion of my best troops awaits them.”
–Emperor Palpatine, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Join the thrilling infantry battles of the Star Wars™ galaxy with Star Wars: Legion, a two-player miniatures game that puts you in command on a war-torn battlefield of the Galactic Civil War. While innovative mechanics simulate the chaos of battle and the fog of war, thirty-three unpainted and easily assembled miniatures give you a blank slate to paint and create a truly unique army.

Over the course of six rounds, you must battle and manoeuvre your units to claim objectives. The points you gain from these objectives are your pathway to victory, and whoever has the most points at the end of the game claims victory! Whether you’re brand-new to miniatures games or a seasoned veteran, Star Wars: Legion is the perfect entry point to the hobby.

Innovative Order Mechanics
At the beginning of each round of Star Wars: Legion, you and your opponent select a command card from your individual hands of command cards. The card that you select determines which player acts first throughout the round, and it also lets you deliver orders to a few of your units.

Ordering a unit in the command phase simply places an order token next to that unit. Then, during the activation phase, you have a choice—activate a unit that you ordered during the command phase, or draw a random order token from your order pool, which forces you to activate a unit of the same rank. Whether you want to guarantee you strike first or hold one unit’s attack until the last possible second, your command card gives you the means to deliver orders to your most important units.

Dynamic Movement and Combat
To complete your objectives, you’ll need to lead your units into battle, manoeuvring them into the perfect position and launching a crushing attack. In Star Wars: Legion, movement is fast and organic. Every unit has a speed, which dictates the movement tool that unit can use. To move a unit, you’ll line the movement tool up with the base of the unit leader and move him to any point along the tool. Then, you can pick up every miniature in the unit and place them within a short move of the unit leader, keeping movement fast-paced and interesting.

Combat in the game is equally streamlined. Every unit has one or more weapons listed along the bottom edge of its unit card. During an attack, you’ll select a weapon for each attacking miniature and add those dice to your attack pool. After you roll your attack dice, your opponent rolls a defence die for each hit that you’ve rolled and any damage that persists takes down enemy soldiers! Even if you’re attacking with a large squad, every combat roll in Star Wars: Legion keeps the game moving quickly.




Star Wars: The Cardgame / Das Kartenspiel


Star Wars: The Card Game is a cooperative card game that puts 1-4 players in command of the Rebel strike force and mission team. Players command different Rebel strategies melded together to embark upon a perilous mission while the Imperials scour space to find and destroy the Rebel base.

Each mission is divided into a number of stages, represented by individual cards in a mission deck. Each stage of a mission has a limited window of time during which Rebels can successfully perform the necessary tasks. If they take too long, the Rebels will fail, and the Imperials will win the stage. Each turn, the Imperials move closer to finding the Rebel's hidden base, making it more difficult for the Rebels to successfully win the final stage, complete the mission, and achieve victory.

During their turns, players pay for starships, characters, and attachments, assigning them to one of four zones. Starships all enter play in the space zone where they form the last line of defense between the Rebel base and the massing Imperial fleet. Characters commit to one of three different zones.

• Characters in the Attack Zone exchange fire with Imperial troops, defending other members of the Rebel Alliance and weakening the Imperial mission defense.
• Characters in the Reserve Zone provide logistical support away from the front lines; they can take actions unavailable to Rebels on the front lines, including repairing damage to ships, resting, and sorting through new intelligence.
• Characters in the Mission Zone try to overcome Imperial defenses and bring the Rebels closer to their objective.

Players are opposed by an Imperial encounter deck, unique to each mission, which follows a plan dictated by a handful of strategy cards. The strategy deck determines the actions that the Imperial forces will take against the players each round, providing the game with a built-in AI to run the powerful Imperial military. Each strategy card dictates which Imperial forces strike in the round and which targets they attack. As Rebel and Imperial forces close in for their final conflicts, the tension builds, with each change of Imperial strategy bringing a thrilling new turn of events. By working together, players can fend off Imperial assaults and complete their mission, winning the game!




Star Wars: X-Wing, Second Edition (engl. & dt.)


Enter the next era of interstellar combat in the Star Wars galaxy! In X-Wing Second Edition, you assemble a squadron of iconic starfighters from across the Star Wars saga and engage in fast-paced, high-stakes space combat with iconic pilots such as Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

With refined gameplay that focuses on the physical act of flying starships, X-Wing Second Edition lets you create your own Star Wars space battles right on your tabletop. Intuitive mechanics create the tense atmosphere of a firefight while beautifully pre-painted miniatures draw you deeper into the action. Man your ships and enter the fray!




The year is 1949. The first World War rages on. The forces of the Union strive to end the conflict through the use of advanced technology, created from the alien wreckage discovered at Roswell. Their soldiers are equipped with the finest military technology in existence thanks to the brilliance of Edison. From the devastating Flash Machine Gun to the sight-enhancing Night-eyes night vision goggles, the Union is winning the arms race. Their foes are the Reich. Headed by the occult powered Kaiser, this army of evil scours the globe for ways to enhance their prodigious occult abilities. Squads of the possessed sweep through Europe led by the Marquis General, Hermann Von Heïzinger. Recent developments in the war have forced Mother Russia to enter the battle. Living embodiments of the reawakened Slavic gods, the Matriarchy is a deadly force to be reckoned with. Their robotic hordes are fueled with the genius of Tesla, and his electrical weaponry is easily the equal of the Union's technological advancements. The war is reaching a fever point, which side will win?

Tannhäuser puts you in the middle of a alternate timeline. What we now call World War I has never ended, and the forces involved have chosen new ways to break the stalemate. Featuring the Pathfinding system, a revolutionary way to mark line of sight, Tannhäuser gets you in the thick of the battle quick. Each side has unique characters and equipment, and you must outfit your figures to best advantage in order to win. Each force has a multitude of equipment and weapon options. Customize your force, and ensure your soldiers have exactly what you need them to. The choices you make determine if your team is prepared for the enemy they will face.


The End of the World RPG


In the majority of roleplaying games, you take on the persona of a fictional character ranging from a elven thief to a half-orc war-mage to a human soldier, and beyond. The End of the World line changes all of this by inviting you to play as yourself amidst the tumult of the world's ending! You'll use your own physical, mental, and social attributes to create yourself as an in-game character, allowing you to come as close as you (safely) can to experiencing the apocalypse first-hand. Since you're playing yourself in every game of The End of the World, your starting gear is also limited to what you can find close at hand when you sit down to play the game. You could start with a cell phone, but how long will it stay charged? Who knows how long the cash in your wallet will be accepted as viable currency in light of the world's ending? You might want a good shotgun to defend yourself, but that could mean venturing out of your friend's apartment. Kitchen knives might be your only available weapons for defending yourself against hordes of ravenous zombies or conquering aliens.

The End of the World is a roleplaying game line consisting of four books: Zombie Apocalypse, Wrath of the Gods, Alien Invasion, and Rise of the Machines. The world can end in countless ways, and in each of The End of the World books, there are five different scenarios for you to experience. Because these scenarios function like different campaign settings within the same theme, you can enjoy all of these scenarios time and time again. In Zombie Apocalypse, for example, every scenario varies in the origin of the zombies, the government's response, the timeline of the apocalypse, the ways you can kill the zombies, and countless other details, both large and small. The apocalypse may start with an outbreak of disease, or a sudden earthquake that releases a once-dormant parasite.


Tide of Iron


Word War II was the greatest mobilization of fighting men and machines that the world has ever seen; tanks and soldiers combined into a veritable tide of iron that changed the world. Now the largest and deadliest conflict in history comes to your tabletop in Fantasy Flight’s game of World War II squad-level tactics!
Tide of Iron feature hundreds of detailed plastic figures, including soldiers, tanks, and other combat vehicles. The game rules focus on realistically simulating squad-level combat, but are streamlined enough to appeal to casual board gamers. Tide of Iron features a modular game board on which up to 4 players (divided into 2 teams) can test their tactical prowess in dozens of scenarios.
Tide of Iron will join the ranks of Fantasy Flight’s run away hits Twlight Imperium, Descent, and World of Warcraft in the epic sized box. With a box two feet wide and over ten pounds you know its full of World War II action!


Twilight Imperium


Twilight Imperium (Fourth Edition) is a game of galactic conquest in which three to six players take on the role of one of seventeen factions vying for galactic domination through military might, political maneuvering, and economic bargaining. Every faction offers a completely different play experience, from the wormhole-hopping Ghosts of Creuss to the Emirates of Hacan, masters of trade and economics. These seventeen races are offered many paths to victory, but only one may sit upon the throne of Mecatol Rex as the new masters of the galaxy.

No two games of Twilight Imperium are ever identical. At the start of each galactic age, the game a board is uniquely and strategically constructed using 51 galaxy tiles that feature everything from lush new planets and supernovas to asteroid fields and gravity rifts. Players are dealt a hand of these tiles and take turns creating the galaxy around Mecatol Rex, the capital planet seated in the center of the board. An ion storm may block your race from progressing through the galaxy while a fortuitously placed gravity rift may protect you from your closest foes. The galaxy is yours to both craft and dominate.


Warhammer Fantasy Board & Cardgames (dt.& engl.)





Wiz-War Boardgame (engl. & dt.)


In Wiz-War, wizards wage no-spells-barred magical duels deep in an underground labyrinth. This classic board game of magical mayhem for 2-4 players, created by Tom Jolly in 1983, pits players' wizards against each other in a stupendous struggle for magical mastery. Win by stealing other wizards' treasures and hauling them back to your base, or just score points by blasting the other wizards. The last wizard standing always wins.

Staying true to the spirit of the game that has entertained players for years, as well inspiring an entire genre of games, this 2011 edition of Wiz-War caters to the imagination and the funny bone. Casting an enriched array of spells, your wizards race through an underground maze, avoiding fireballs, werewolves, and psychic storms. Subtle game enhancements by Kevin Wilson and Tom Jolly promote faster play and clarify card effects.


World of Warcraft: The Boardgames


Only the Ruthless Survive!

The magical world of Azeroth is being torn apart by a bloody, devastating war. The Orc hordes are on the rampage once more, trying to reclaim their lost glory. The Human Alliance has gathered to face the Orc Menace, but is being troubled by mysterious plagues and death cults. Driven by the terrible Lich King, the Undead Scourge is spreading Plague across the land and swelling its ranks with the corpses of the fallen. The mysterious Night Elves, protectors of the forest, fight to defend their home against those who would defile it.

The award-winning Warcraft(R) computer game explodes off the computer screen and onto your game table! In Warcraft: The Board Game, you take control of one of the four mighty races and charge into battle for control of Azeroth. To win, you must manage your resources wisely so you can train and upgrade your troops while fighting furiously against your opponents.

In a time of chaos, do you have what it takes to survive?






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