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HauptseiteCosimsProduktlinien (Cosims)Tactical Combat Serie (GAM)

Tactical Combat Serie (GAM)

The Tactical Combat Series (TCS) contains realistic, playable games of specific World War II actions. The game system was designed to handle two roughly regimental-sized forces in battles lasting a day or two.

The system’s emphasis is on command and combined arms effects, with a relatively simple set of combat and movement systems. Designed to simulate the experience of combat command without burdening a player with cumbersome detail. The command rules impose realistic limits on the player’s ability to rapidly change missions.

Die Tactical Combat Serie betont Führung und Kontrolle. Die Spieler planen Operationen, wie es ihre historischen Gegenüber auch taten. Der Maßstab beträgt 125 Yards/Feld, 20 Minuten/Runde, Einheiten stellen gewöhnlich Platoons dar und einzelne Fahrzeuge.


Produkte vom Herausgeber (Gamers)


GAM 02-01

Bloody 110

Dieser Artikel ist endgültig vergriffen

  Die Verteidigung von Clervaux durch das 110. Infantriebatallion zu Beginn der Ardennenschlacht. Spieldauer 4-30 Stunden; zwei Karten; 840 Counter.

endgültig vergriffen

GAM 02-02

Objective: Schmidt

Dieser Artikel ist endgültig vergriffen

  Objective: Schmidt is a Tactical Combat Series game (#2) of the bloody Hurtzen Forest Fight across the Kall River to seize the German town of Schmidt. This is a platoon level game containing over 400 counters. Die 28. Infantriedivision im Wald von H├╝rtgen. Spieldauer 4-30 Stunden; eine Karte; ├╝ber 400 Counter.

endgültig vergriffen

GAM 02-03


Dieser Artikel ist endgültig vergriffen

  Die Big Red One st├╝rmt am D-Day an die K├╝ste. Spieauer 6-60 Stunden; vier Karten; 1.680 Counter.

endgültig vergriffen

GAM 02-04


Dieser Artikel ist endgültig vergriffen


Die Marines auf Guadalcanal.

Matanikau behandelt die Schlachten des 5. und 7. Marineregiments im September und Oktober 1942. Das erste TSC-Spiel, das an der Pazifikfront spielt, enth├Ąlt Banzaiangriffe, Nachtangriffe, Higginsboote, See- und Luftunterst├╝tzung.

Spieldauer 4-40 Stunden; eine Karte; 700 Counter. Komplexit├Ąt: mittel

endgültig vergriffen

GAM 02-05

GD '40

Dieser Artikel ist endgültig vergriffen


Das Infanterieregiment Gro├čdeutschland in Frankreich

GD' 40 ist das erste in einer Serie von TCS-Spielen, welche die Aktionen dieses Regimentes im Zweiten Weltktieg behandeln.

840 Counter, 1 Karte, Spieldauer 6-20 Stunden. Komplexit├Ąt: mittel.

endgültig vergriffen

GAM 02-06

Hunters from the Sky

Sammlerstück / Rarität


Crete 1941: After the conquest of Greece in the spring of 1941, the scratch defense force of the island of Crete prepared for the next hammer-blow. The New Zealand forces defending the island prepared for a seaborne invasion - they did not realize they were to be the subject of the first-ever invasion that would come almost exclusively from the air...

The Germans realized they did not have the airborne force capable of taking the island by paradrop alone, so they added to the plan m... (vollständige Beschreibung)

60,00 EUR


GAM 02-07

Black Wednesday

Sammlerstück / Rarität


Die Schlacht von Krasni Bor.

Russia, 1943:Black Wednesday covers the Battle of Krasni Bor. It begins with a typical Soviet artillery barrage followed by the "Urrah!" of swarms of Soviet infantrymen. The newly anointed 63rd Guards Rifle Division led the attack with support by the 72nd Rifle Dvision (a former Ukranian Penal unit) and part of the 43rd Rifle Division. Further support ofr the attack came from the T-26, T-34, and KV-1 tanks of the 1st Red Banner Tank Brigade. It was a full Soviet c... (vollständige Beschreibung)

80,00 EUR


GAM 02-08

Leros - The Island Prize

"In the fall of 1943, Churchill tried to induce Turkey to participate actively as an ally against Germany. British forces landed on several of the Dodecanese Islands (Italian possessions in the Eastern Aegean), including Kos and Leros. Hitler, fearing air strikes on the Ploesti oil fields, reacted quickly and generated a disaster for the British. Leros depicts the German invasion of Leros. The battle was the climax of operations in the Aegean a German air and sea invasion against a heavily de... (vollständige Beschreibung)

40,00 EUR


GAM 02-09

GD' 41: Die Schlacht von Mtzensk

Dieser Artikel ist endgültig vergriffen


Infanterieregiment Gro├čdeutschland in Russland 1941.

GD '41 ist das zweite TCS-Spiel, das sich mit diesem Regiment besch├Ąftigt. Spieldauer 1-40 Stunden; zwei Karten; 840 Counter. Komplexit├Ąt: mittel.

endgültig vergriffen

GAM 02-10

Semper Fi!

Dieser Artikel ist endgültig vergriffen


Amerikanische Marines in Korea. Ideal f├╝r Einsteiger wegen kleiner Szenarien auf kleinen Karten.

700 Counter; 4 Karten. Komplexit├Ąt: mittel bis niedrig.

Ein gerauchtes Spiel f├╝r 40,- ┬Ą k├Ânnte angeboten werden !

endgültig vergriffen

GAM 02-11

A Raging Storm

Dieser Artikel ist endgültig vergriffen


A Raging Storm is a game within the Tactical Combat Series from The Gamers. It includes 960 Counters and six scenarios. These counters represent squads mostly.

The game is set around the British 1st Infantry Division's defense of the Campoleone Salient, Anzio, 3-4 February 1944. Can be played with an odd number of players if one is willing to play as referee - makes the pre-planning on the order sheets interesting to see evolve.

Briten der 1.Infanteriedivision verteidigen de... (vollständige Beschreibung)

endgültig vergriffen

GAM 02-12

A Frozen Hell

Sammlerstück / Rarität


Finland 1939: In late 1939, the Soviet Union invaded Finland precipitating the Winter War.

Vastly out-numbered, high quality Finnish troops fought the Red Army to a standstill. Here, at Tolvajari, you can see the inner workings of these battles in the snow. In and around these frozen lakes, you can take on a larger but ponderous force. Are you up to that?

The Tactical Combat Series (TCS) brings the detail of small unit combat to the gaming table. Taking the role of Battalion or Company com... (vollständige Beschreibung)

74,00 EUR


GAM 02-13

Screaming Eagles in Holland

z.Zt. vergriffen


Screaming Eagles In Holland behandelt die intensiven Gefechte vom 22.-23. September in und in der N├Ąhe von Veghel. Deutsche Panzer und Infanterie haben mehrere entschlossene Angriffe auf die Positionen durchgef├╝hrt, die durch die 101st gehalten werden. K├Ânnen die Panther erfolgreich die Hauptstra├če nach Grave unterbrechen? K├Ânnen die Pioniere die Br├╝cken f├╝r die Zerst├Ârung vorbereiten, bevor das XXX Korps erscheint? Als Alliierte hat man die Aufgabe, die deutschen Angriffe abzuwehren ... (vollständige Beschreibung)

z.Zt. vergriffen

GAM 02-14

Bloody Ridge (boxed version)

Dieser Artikel ist endgültig vergriffen


Bloody Ridge is a small, low counter density addition to the award winning Tactical Combat Series (TCS) designed by noted Guadalcanal historian Michael S. Smith. Meticulously researched, including extensive Japanese sources on the battle, Bloody Ridge is sure to be enjoyed by both amateur historians and tactical-level gamers alike!

September 12, 1942:
Bloody Ridge portrays the fighting that occurred around "Bloody Ridge" on the island of Guadalcanal from 12-14 September 1942 between US and I... (vollständige Beschreibung)

endgültig vergriffen

GAM 02-15


Dieser Artikel ist endgültig vergriffen


25 November, 1942: As part of Operation Mars, the Soviet 238th Rifle Division, supported by tanks of the 49th Tank Brigade, attacked into the Luchessa Valley, trying to create a breach for the waiting 3rd Mech Corps to exploit. For reasons still unknown, right before the attack the German 9th Army ordered three battalions the GD Division to move to the Luchessa Valley as OKH reserve, thus backing up the weak 216th Grenadier Regiment. Because of the presence of the GD, the Soviets were unable to ... (vollständige Beschreibung)

endgültig vergriffen

GAM 02-16

Canadian Crucible: Brigade Fortress at Norrey

Dieser Artikel ist endgültig vergriffen


100% mint! The game is absolut new - Only the foil is no longer around the box!

Canadian Crucible is a new entry in the Gamers Tactical Combat Series (TCS) depicting the Canadian defense of Norrey on D-Day +2 (June 8, 1944) against a counterattack spearheaded by Grenadiers of the 12th §§ Panzer Division.

The battle depicted here begins on D-Day +2, June 8th, and continues for the next 3 days and was known by the Germans as the First Battle for Caen. The situation unfolds with the 7th Bri... (vollständige Beschreibung)

endgültig vergriffen

GAM 02-17

Ariete: The Battle of Bir el Gubi, Libya

Bitte vorbestellen


Ariete is a Tactical Combat Series (TCS) game covering the Italian Ariete Division’s defense of Bir el Gubi, Libya, on November 19, 1941.

The well-equipped yet inexperienced British 22nd Armoured Brigade saw an opportunity to season itself against a supposedly weak Italian formation. At full-strength with 162 brand-new Crusader tanks, the British were eager to emulate the easy victories against the Italian 10th Army the previous winter. What actually ensued was a swirling desert battle betw... (vollständige Beschreibung)

ca. 42,00 EUR



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