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UGG 0004

Blitzkrieg General 2nd Ed.

With Blitzkrieg General UGG goes one step beyond. Even "Risk" or "Axis and Allies" type players soon feel comfortable playing the 4 pages BG Basic Rules. The situation: Two military Alliances the "Allies" and the"Axis" at war with each other...WW II from 1939 to 1945...The Allies British Empire, France, China and Poland defend against the conquest plans of the Axis powers Japan Germany and Italy. Both sides are supported by some smaller countries. Later the USSR and the USA joined the Allie... (vollständige Beschreibung)

40,00 EUR


UGG 0004dam

Blitzkrieg General 2nd Ed. (cover damaged - inside mint)



Easy-to-play symbiosis between startegy game and simulation: area based map system easy die roll procedure without tables land warfare no ugly terrain effects or weather hinders your troops in the basic game naval warfare production: build your own units

Leicht zu erlernendes Spiel zwischen Stratgiespiel und Simulation: auf Gebieten basierendes Kartensystem leichtes W√ľrfelwurfverfahren ohne Tabellen Landkriegsf√ľhrung im Basisspiel behindern Ihre Truppen keine h√§√ülichen Gel√§ndeei... (vollständige Beschreibung)

18,00 EUR


UGG 0005


¿Pasarán? features the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939, on strategic level using the Blitzkrieg General System. Area based map system, easy die roll procedure without tables, land warfare, Production: build your own units
The option cards are one major difference to other easy-to-play strategic games.

¿Pasarán? can build the bridge to real wargaming, because:
Special terrain-, weather-, and supply-rules, as well as our ¿Pasarán? command system will get to you, challenge your skills...
... (vollständige Beschreibung)

30,00 EUR


UGG 0006

The Hellgame

Dieser Artikel ist endgültig vergriffen


Die Hölle besteht aus neun konzentrischen Kreisen, welche wiederum in fünf Abschnitte aufgeteilt sind. Für die Startaufstellung bekommt jeder Spieler fünf davon zugelost, sowie drei Dämonen mit unterschiedlicher Stärke und besonderen Fähigkeiten, das "Triumvirat", das er zum Sieg führen soll. Dieser ist erreicht, sobald ein Triumvirat seinen Machtbereich auf alle Abschnitte eines Kreises ausdehnen konnte. Weiterhin erhalten die Spieler so genannte Arcana-Karten, mit deren Hilfe Aktionen ... (vollständige Beschreibung)

endgültig vergriffen

UGG 0007

Assyrian Wars

Sammlerstück / Rarität


Assyrian Wars brings us back to the time of the ancient Mesopotamia.
Assyrian Wars covers the ruler period of the last four great Assyrian Kings and the decline and Fall period till the destruction of the Assyrian Empire and the defeat of their Egyptian Allies, from 722 to 605 BC.

722 BC: Sargon II becomes King in Nineveh as new "King of the World". A couple of problems threaten the strongest and most effective Army the world has seen so far.
In the West an Assyrian Army is inflicting a hun... (vollständige Beschreibung)

50,00 EUR


UGG 0009

History of the Roman Empire

z.Zt. vergriffen


>Mit deutscher Regel!<

History of the Roman Empire covers the time-period from the Rise to the Fall of the Roman Empire in seven game turns starting in 60 BC (the first Triumvirate composed of Caesar, Crassus and Pompeus) until the last Emperor (Romulus Augustus) in 476 AD.

The map contains the entire Mediterranean area as well as a part of Asia Minor.

Each of the up to four Players takes the role of one Roman Faction and one group of "Barbarian"-Peoples and by playing certain event car... (vollständige Beschreibung)

z.Zt. vergriffen

UGG 0010

Medieval Conspiracy

Hot Seller


Medieval Conspiracy introduces players to the Holy Roman Empire of Germany. That Empire is divided into numberless small earldoms, principalities, and bishoprics. The Ruler of the Empire is the Holy Roman Emperor who is elected by the 7 electoral princes.

In Medieval Conspiracy you take the role of a mighty noble family. Increase your power, gain new countries, get votes of the electoral princes to finally be elected the new Holy Roman Emperor.

Game Play

Medieval conspiracy is run by Ac... (vollständige Beschreibung)

60,00 EUR


UGG 0011

Heroes vs Warlords

Bitte vorbestellen


Players take the role of Barbarians or Knights and their leaders, the mighty Barbarian "UGH" and the well equipped "Sir Mondrian". From the ancient times of Pangea, Ugh dislikes Sir Mondrian. The Barbarians have maintained a close relation to nature and kept a tradition and lifestyle emerging from the stoneage. Sir Mondrian prefers an improved lifestyle. Good manners, fine clothing and luxury are important to him. For Sir Mondrian Ugh and his Barbarians are just silly primitive rednecks.

Rece... (vollständige Beschreibung)

ca. 60,00 EUR


UGG 0012

Glory: A Game of Knights

Hot Seller


In Glory: A Game of Knights bist Du ein junger Ritter, dessen einziges Ziel es ist, berühmt zu werden. Du wirst deinen Ruhm durch Turniere, Adelstitel oder Minnesänger erlangen, die über deine Taten singen. In jeder Runde verbringst Du deine kostbare Zeit mit Aktionen wie Training, Verbündete sammeln, beten oder dein Schwert verkaufen. Du wirst auch um Lösegeld kämpfen oder deine geliebte Dame besuchen. Bereite dich darauf vor, ein Champion zu sein der in der Lage ist, andere Spieler und d... (vollständige Beschreibung)

70,00 EUR



Command & Strategy #07: BlitzKrieg 1940 deLuxe (Boxed)



In a new format and a new box, loaded with goodies from the French magazine Vae Victis. How about:

- A complete wargame. Or two-for the price of one, actually. With die-cut counters. Ready to play. Read more about it below.

- Historical articles to go with said games. Long, and serious stuff. Just the way you like it.

- The last installment in UGGs Pearl Harbor, a monster game in the Empires of Apocalypse series, that has been published step by step in Command and Stategy.

- Loots ... (vollständige Beschreibung)

18,00 EUR



Command & Strategy #08: Fortress Sevastopol deLuxe (Boxed)

Hot Seller


October 1941: After the initial success against the Russian “Bear” in the summer of 1941 the German advance slowed down. Hitler advised the commander of the 17th Army, General Erich von Manstein, to take the Crimean Peninsula and the important port of Sevastopol before the winter weather would set in.

After a quick successful campaign with the final conquest of the Crimea as its goal, the German Wehrmacht should have gained itself a good stepping stone for the next summer offensive to rea... (vollständige Beschreibung)

38,00 EUR



UGG 08

The Hellgame - Extra Evil

Dieser Artikel ist endgültig vergriffen


Kartenerweiterung zum Hellgame. 55 neue Karten, die den Focus des Spiels erweitern werden. Noch mehr Böses in der Hölle.

The expansion will be a deck of 55 new cards, most of them Arcana Cards, that will further expand the scope of the game. It will also feature a few replacement cards, among them a much clarified “Mad Love” card. At the same time we will also put the v. II The HellGame Rules online as a part of UGG’s Living Rules project. This new version of ... (vollständige Beschreibung)

endgültig vergriffen

Magazine & Bücher


Command & Strategy #07

Command & Strategy #7 is out now!

In a new format and a new box, loaded with goodies from the French magazine Vae Victis. How about:

- A complete wargame. Or two-for the price of one, actually. With die-cut counters. Ready to play. Read more about it below.

- Historical articles to go with said games. Long, and serious stuff. Just the way you like it.

- The last installment in UGGs Pearl Harbor, a monster game in the Empires of Apocalypse series, that has been published step by step ... (vollständige Beschreibung)

10,00 EUR



UGG 0012Coin

Glory: A Game of Knights - Set of Coins

Satz aus 24 Metallmünzen:
16 x 28 mm Durchmesser
8 x 21 mm Durchmesser

10,00 EUR



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