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Keep Up The Fire!



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The 55-Day Siege and Relief of Peking, June to August 1900
States of Siege Series #10

Keep Up The Fire! is a solitaire States of SiegeTM series game set in 1900 Peking (modern day Beijing), China where Foreign Legations (areas assigned to Imperial powers including ambassadors, business people, and a handful of troops to provide security) are besieged in their Compound by Chinese anti-imperialist forces. The Chinese “Boxers” (Society of the Harmonious Fists), with the Imperial Manchu forces of the Qing Army, are angry and determined to expel these foreigners from China.

At the Legation Compound siege, you must coordinate the various foreign detachments that have joined to defend their position until a Relief Column arrives. You also command the Relief Column, battling their way from the port of Taku, inland through hostile territory, to break the siege at Peking.

Note that this game can also be enjoyed in teams working together (just as the Eight Nations had to), deciding how best to defend the Legation Compound and get the Relief Column to Peking in time!

A set of five standard-based lesson plans are also available for classroom teachers should they wish to use this game as a teaching tool.

The game is a race against time as the Chinese forces besieging the Legation Compound are attacking relentlessly while the Relief Column battles its way to the rescue. With limited time and relentless attacks on the Compound, will you manage to Keep Up The Fire?

Game Data:
Number of Players: 1
Ages: 10 and up
Playing Time: 55 minutes at Peking
Complexity: 2.5 on a 9 scale
Solitaire Suitability: 9 on a 9 scale
Scale: Each unit represents one Chinese or Legation unit, or 1 International Gun.

Game Components:
• One 6-page full color Rules booklet with Examples of play
• One beautiful 11” x 17” map
• 36 Event cards
• 40 double-sided 5/8" square unit markers
• 5 standard-based lesson plans for classroom teachers! (Downloadable only)

What They're Saying:
- "...a great addition to the suite of games adapting the system for different sieges. In fact, the tension has been ratcheted up a notch as the tactical situation is extremely harrowing and the difficulty of getting the relief force through is enough to make you scream. But with delight and frustration at the same time as the tide swings for or against you. It is loads of fun, has an interesting theme, and loads of tension. I have got to find a way to beat the Chinese hordes!!! Due to the dual tactical and strategic challenges, I would say its one of the best solitaire games I’ve played." - Mark Rivera (Boardgames in Blighty)
- "Another great addition to the SoS stable of games. Its the first ever depiction of this struggle in boardgame format in English I know of and even though I haven't spouted many comments in this direction; I think the game is very educational since the history behind the game is so rarely understood in the West (or even in the East!). From a gamer's perspective, there is tension here and the final tribulation as you manage to relief your beleaguered forces is immense. All this in the space of 30 minutes or so." - Eric Lai (Boardgame Geek)
- "In the end, I like Keep Up the Fire! and feel it’s a worthy addition to the States of Siege line. The theme is interesting, it plays well, and it has loads of tension to keep you coming back for more." - Jeff McAleer (The Gaming Gang)

Game Design and Documentation: John Welch
Docs & Development: Alan Emrich and Noelle Le Bienvenu
Map Art: Tim Allen
Playtesting: Vince DeNardo, Nathan Hansen, Thomas Heaney, Noelle Le Bienvenu, Alex Mortenson, Robert Nielsen, SM Cross, David Spangler, Rob Leonard, Chris Stueck, Thomas Heaney, Robert Nielsen, Hayne Palmer, Ian Wakeham, Dylan Alliata
Proofreading: Ian Wakeham, Bill Barrett, Michael Matecha, Leigh Toms

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