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Burning Wheel RPG


Burning Wheel is a game that stands apart from the rest. Its solid, smooth system addresses many of the failures common to roleplaying games. The rules follow common sense and logic, the dice are truly representative of characters' skills and their impact in the game-world, and every action has its consequences.
This system was developed by gamers, for gamers-lovingly hand-crafted and built over seven years of playtesting.


Eldritch A$$ Kicking


Lo, thou ist cruisin' for thine bruisin'!

Behold, the once-fair land of Anhelm has been torn asunder. Mad wizards, dark and powerful, waged war and almost all was lost. To save themselves from the machinations of those crazed fools, the neighboring kingdoms banished Anhelm to a distant astral realm—and here we fight for our lives. The wizards still plot each other's downfall. Dark times have indeed fallen upon us.

We fear this war will continue until only one wizard remains...


HDL Basic


Step into the universe of the HDL universal tactical role-playing game. This book offers a set of rules that are quick, realistic, and adaptable to an endless variety of worlds and settings. Point-based character creation ensures balance between characters, and the flexible Energy and Experience systems allow characters to be versatile and push their own limitations. The HDL system also includes tactical hex-map-based options and fully customizable characters, in a straightforward, easy-to-approach format.

To make use of this book, each gaming group needs a set of HDL Cards.


Little Fears


Das neue Rollenspiel rund um die Ängste der Kindheit...


Pie Shop RPG


What is Pie Shop?
Pie Shop is a game, a role playing game.
If you don't know what that is then yes, it is a bit like Dungeons and Dragons
and no, it does not involve a computer.

Go and ask someone about it before you make any more assumptions.
Pie Shop is a game that may shock, disturb, appaul, fascinate and even amuse you. That all depends on you.
It is a stand alone rulebook that allows you to go to the nastiest parts of your imagination. It is possibly the darkest and most disturbing RPG you will ever read. That isn’t a shameless marketing gimmick, it is a warning.
No. Really.
The new edition has a few more pages, a little more art and a disturbing lack of taste and decency.


Wyrd is Bond


A Roleplaying Game of Urban Myth and Magic
On the street, the most important thing you have is your Wyrd...

Step into the seedy underbelly of street gangs, magic, and folk willing to do whatever it takes for a score. In Wyrd is Bond, you play slingers, magical gang-bangers, who use the tools taught to them by The Alley Star, Hermes Trismegistus, and even the Devil himself.

Magic has hit the mainstream and slingers-turned-rappers are burning up the charts and have traded their juju for gold records and their back-alley roots for fast cars and villas on the coast. Back home, in the drug-riddled, gun-crazy ‘burbs of South Central, young slingers serve as soldiers in wars older than they can imagine.

for mature players only



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