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The makers:

- The Designer
Peter Struijf was born in Alkmaar, Holland in 1969AD. Immediately after his birth, all his blood was drained and replaced by other people's blood. He grew up on a farm, where he played cards with his parents, board games with his brothers and role-playing games with high school friends. After this wonderful upbringing, he ran away from the Province at age 18 and moved to the Slums of Rotterdam. He spent most of 4 years drinking beer and playing computer games with other loafers, but still got an Economics degree. He spent the next ten years as an aid worker in Zimbabwe, Kosovo, Tanzania and Indonesia.

The basic game concept of Kraków 1325 AD appeared in Peter's head during a long bus ride in Sweden in August 2005. The Secret Identities and several Intrigues were born on that bus, although none of the other passengers noticed. Soon after, Peter happened to visit Kraków on a holiday. The beautiful Medieval Polish city impressed him and became the perfect background for the game. Then Peter went to work in Indonesia as part of the Tsunami reconstruction efforts. Expecting limited entertainment amidst the destruction, he took a prototype of the game. Blatantly abusing his managerial position, he motivated several other aid workers to play the game. Over two years, they tested and developed the game together. Fortunately for the Tsunami survivors, they did this outside work hours.

At the start of 2008, Peter returned to Holland and convinced his poor wife Liz to invest their life savings to start Geode Games and independently publish Kraków 1325AD. Peter's entire life therefore proves there are no benefits to an Economics degree, at least for people who have no blood of their own.

- The Artist
Melchior van Rijn (1973) grew up near the North Sea near Leiden. He spent most of his youth on the beaches and in the dunes. His parents often took him to museums, while at home he spent his time drawing and reading cartoons. Until suddenly it was time to plan for a Productive Life.

Melchior studied Art History in Leiden, which resulted in a beautiful degree and the awareness, that his real interest and ambition were to create his own art. But the leap from drawing at the kitchen table to the critical world outside his doorstep was still too large. He decided to spend a few years working as an editor, while gathering up his courage and developing his art. He also developed a marriage and became the busy father of two children, while continuing his drawing in the evening hours. This all changed in 2007, when Melchior, in a moment of enlightenment (or temporary lapse of reason) decided to commit himself to full time, independent illustrations work. Since then, he has presented his work at Art Fairs, exposes his art (not himself) at Galleries and makes illustrations on assignment. Since his partnership with The Designer, he has also become involved in Boardgame Art.

Melchior thoroughly enjoyed bringing to life the thrills and horrors of Medieval Poland, as imagined in Peter's Kraków 1325 AD boardgame. The collaboration involved a lot of enjoyment, a lot of hard work and nightmares about sinful monks, demented Kings and hidden Chickens. The world of this game, full of original artwork and black humour, is the result of an amazing interaction between unrestrained creative minds.



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