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Science Fiction Games


CreativeMaker LLC

CML 0001

Galaxy of Trian

Galaxy of Trian is a dynamic tile-based sci-fi board game. During the game you take command over one of a few opposing races, fighting over a territory and technology left by a powerful race Trian. You have at your disposal few kinds of basic units and spaceships allowing a great deal of interaction. Different types of ships will come with the new add-ons. Tiles are two-sided and stacked into two piles during the game, which gives more tactical possibilities and, at the same time, limits randomn... (vollständige Beschreibung)

50,00 EUR



D@W 0001

C.O.A.L. Combat Oriented Armored League



C.O.A.L.: Combat-Oriented Armored League, is a two- to four-player card game with a steampunk setting. C.O.A.L. uses an original game mechanism that combines resource management, bluffing, and memory to simulate the heat of a real battle. The game includes four steambot models – each with its own features, attacks, and defensive maneuvers – and eight different pilots, which have special piloting abilities of their own.

C.O.A.L.: Combat-Oriented Armored League includes customized rules for... (vollständige Beschreibung)

28,00 EUR


Flying Pig Games


Night of Man: The Battle for Earth's Survival

Night of Man is a card-driven, tactical board game. Set in a post-alien-invasion-of-Earth universe, the squads, heroes, and tanks of Earth's Militia battle against powerful aliens with enhanced power armor, hover tanks, Mechs (Ya, I need a better name.), and spider-like robots.

In each turn gamers draw up to a four card hand and may play a card, sometimes more, in each impulse. The cards activate units to move, fire, assault, and use special powers, such as explosive rounds, telekinesis, and ... (vollständige Beschreibung)

86,00 EUR


Griggling Games

GriG 00002

Destination: Neptune

Destination: Neptune shows an optimistic vision of commercial space exploration in the next century. Players control an organization with the resources and intent to explore, develop, and colonize the worlds beyond Earth. Organizations that practice careful planning and resource management, with a healthy dose of technology research will succeed. Destination: Neptune moves through four generations of space exploration. Players earn Victory Points by building large commercial outposts and colonie... (vollständige Beschreibung)

50,00 EUR


Lock 'n Load Publishing, LLC

LnLP 12001

Space Infantry (2nd Ed.)

z.Zt. vergriffen


Space Infantry is an exciting new solitaire game of squad-level combat in the future. In Space Infantry you will be asked to lead an elite team of soldiers and undertake a series of missions that can be played individually or as a campaign.

* 6/5/2011 -Updated Rules Manual available for download here.
* 2/10/11 -Now charging credit cards for Space Infantry. The game will not be in our warehouse until late April.
* 2/10/11 -Added eighth extra cost!

An innovative... (vollständige Beschreibung)

z.Zt. vergriffen


LnLP 12002

New Worlds: Space Infantry Expansion

Auslaufmodell (keine Nachbestellungen mehr möglich)


 (vollständige Beschreibung)

36,00 EUR



MET 3104


Sammlerstück / Rarität


Warpwar is a fast playing mini-game of interstellar maneuver and combat. You select the tactics and weapon power settings. No chance is involved in the diceless combat system. You must out-think your opponent.

You design your own spaceships with beams, screens, missile tubes and power drive. Ships move through space or jump along the warp lines connecting stars. To win, you must capture the enemy star bases. Advanced rules introduce system ships and technological advancement, which gives newe... (vollständige Beschreibung)

16,00 EUR


MET 3105


Sammlerstück / Rarität


Boppers were mass produced robotic war machines. When the final war ended they were al that was left. Everyone was dead, but the Boppers kept on fighting. After all, since they had the intelligence of can openers, what else could you expect?

Rivets is a two-player, tactical-level, science fiction game of robotic warfare in the 22nd century. Players select their robot armies, set their programs, and send them out to destroy the enemy computer complex. Rivets is fast playing and easy to learn, ... (vollständige Beschreibung)

16,00 EUR


MET 3120


Sammlerstück / Rarität


Trailblazer is the space game of free market exploration and exploitation. The productive and efficient thrive beyond the reach of government. Players build their commercial dynasties with fleets, factors, products and skill. A turn includes product purchase, fleet movement, start exploration, product sales, and maintenance. Victory goes to the best trader and financier.

Trailblazer is not your usual Microgame. There is a lot of record keeping. Games may last days. Trailblazer is for the inq... (vollständige Beschreibung)

10,00 EUR


Outer Limits Games


Tau Ceti

Bitte vorbestellen


Over the past millennium, a mysterious signal enveloped the galaxy. Like a subliminal force, the signal led various alien races toward the star system TAU CETI. Many civilizations were already on the brink of collapse, and had already left their deteriorating home worlds behind in search of resources, peace, and solidarity.

As new civilizations arrived in the TAU CETI system, they settled among the planets, terraforming them into more hospitable worlds. With this mass migration a new alliance... (vollständige Beschreibung)

ca. 70,00 EUR



VDG 0001

Colonial Space Wars: New Horizons

Colonial Space Wars: New Horizons is a tactical board game where up to four factions fight for supremacy.

This box includes:
Colonial Space Wars: New Horizons rulebook with 56 full color pages.
Game board with two different battlegrounds.
50 game pieces belonging to the four available factions, in the colors Brown Ascaryan / Black Centauri /Purple Heimdall/Grey Terra.
10 activation/impact markers.

- See more at: (vollständige Beschreibung)

26,00 EUR


Victory Point Games


Assault on Galactus Prime

Death Throes of a Galactic Empire
Euro Game #7

"Now my fellow pilots and I wait for the word to attack and destroy the Ion Supercannon that protects this hated world from invasion by our ground troops. Its loss will turn Galactus Prime into lowly Dorrus once again. And though we are united, there is a friendly rivalry amongst us for the honor of being the one who brings the supercannon down. We all want to be that pilot – that hero."

This is it! The final battle to destroy the Evil Empi... (vollständige Beschreibung)

30,00 EUR



Astra Titanus

Dieser Artikel ist endgültig vergriffen


Starfleets vs. Planetbusters!
Exodus Series #2

At the end of the Exodus Wars, the first interstellar battle between four post-diaspora star empires, a gigantic alien war machine devastated the frontier worlds. The war-weary militaries of all four empires joined together as one and sent massive fleets of capital ships and escorts to the beleaguered frontier worlds at faster-than-light (FTL) speeds.

Astra Titanus is a solitaire game of space opera battles featuring fleets of highly advanced... (vollständige Beschreibung)

endgültig vergriffen

VPG AvsZ01

Aliens vs. Zombies (Boxed Edition)

Aliens vs. Zombies ("AvZ"), by designer Chris Taylor, is a two-player game about the life and death (mostly death) battle between two natural enemies: Aliens and Zombies. The aliens attacked the Earth and destroyed 99% of humanity using orbital death rays. However, the weapon interacted strangely with human DNA and caused an unforeseen mutation! Within 24 hours of death, the recently dead arose and slowly shambled in the general direction of the alien attackers to take their revenge.

Aliens v... (vollständige Beschreibung)

34,00 EUR



Boom & Zoom (Boxed Edition)

Auslaufmodell (keine Nachbestellungen mehr möglich)


Battlesson #11
Wars of the Laser towers

"Opening", said the technician before Tommy could respond, and the great iron door into the Tower Wars Arena opened.

Raising his hands above his head, a smile on his face, Tommy Taggert stepped out into a wall of noise as thousands of fans began chanting his name. Ahead of him was the row of laser towers that were his weapons and on the other side were those of his opponent, gleaming in the spotlights. He stepped forward, walking confidently towards... (vollständige Beschreibung)

36,00 EUR



Conquest at Kismet (Boxed Edition)

In the Kismet Sector of the Raccroc Galaxy, huge self-sustaining Motherships fight over control of vast natural resources. But there's heavy opposition...

"While I play many games weekly, there are only a few that really stand out as the week comes to a close. Conquest at Kismet is one of my new favorite games. Not only is it perfect for a person who loves strategy, but it isn’t over complicated. The rules and flow of the game are quick to pick up, allowing players to really enjoy the game ... (vollständige Beschreibung)

38,00 EUR



Final Frontier

You command an intrepid starship crew, venturing onto new worlds and charting the unexplored quadrants of deep space!
Euro Game #3

Boldly go where no one has gone before in Final Frontier, where you command a vaunted starship crew of humans, aliens and robots, venturing onto new worlds and charting the unexplored quadrants of deep space to face fantastic challenges in the best storytelling traditions of episodic space operas.

While engaging in heroics and daring-do, relationships can for... (vollständige Beschreibung)

42,00 EUR



Forlorn: Hope

Dieser Artikel ist endgültig vergriffen


Doomed Space Marines vs. Xeno Hordes
Science Fiction Gaming #1




"All right, marines, we have a mission. They ain't payin' us by the hour. Let's move out."

Forlorn: Hope is a game of tactical combat between a squad of human Space Marines and a nearly unlimited horde of vicious alien Xenos aboard the claustrophobic space station, ... (vollständige Beschreibung)

endgültig vergriffen


Frontier Stations (Boxed Edition)

Can you and your confederates around the table hold the line of frontier space stations from all enemies, alien and domestic? Somebody must keep vigil and protect civilization; are you up to the challenge?

Work together to defend a ring of frontier space stations against a variety of growing dangers. Upgrade your systems wisely to maintain a steady flow of the vital resources you'll need to survive, and allocate them carefully to keep nearby threats in check.

Frontier Stations, from Jeremy... (vollständige Beschreibung)

44,00 EUR



Imperial Stars II (Boxed Edition)

Imperial Stars II is a two-player 4X strategy game set in the Astra Titanus and Forlorn: Hope sci-fi universe.

The year is 4096.

The survivors of the Northern Union fleet accelerated towards the edge of the system. Left behind were the slowly expanding spheres of debris that had been escorts and capital ships. The Marasian Empire had defended their newly colonized system with two light carriers and a couple of cruisers, one heavy and one light...far too few units to stop the Northerns as i... (vollständige Beschreibung)

32,00 EUR



Moonbase Alpha (Boxed Edition)

"The two men knelt in the shadow of the rock outcropping and gazed at the destruction in the crater below them. Combat reporters, they made their living with words, but this time words failed them. The ambush had been perfectly executed. For less than an hour of soundless fury, moondust had erupted below them as the well-hidden crawlers, MCUs, and PMC soldiers of the Luna Mining Corp poured fire into the exposed ranks of the troops and MCUs of Mond Bergbau AG. Now as the dust drifted lethargical... (vollständige Beschreibung)

44,00 EUR


VPG NW01.2

Nemo's War: "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" 2nd Edition

z.Zt. vergriffen


Set sail in the amazing electric-powered submarine, the Nautilus, assuming the role and motive of Captain Nemo as you travel across the seas on missions of science, exploration, anti-imperialism, and war!

Jules Verne’s classic novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas tells the story of Captain Nemo and his astounding ship, the Nautilus. This second edition of Victory Point Games' popular solitaire offering from designer Chris Taylor has been greatly enhanced with mass-production printin... (vollständige Beschreibung)

z.Zt. vergriffen


Planet Rush

Sammlerstück / Rarität


In the best tradition of legendary game designer Reiner Knizia, Planet Rush is an engrossing Euro-style game of cunning bidding, building, and profit-taking for three to five clever gamers. Each player leads one of the five included corporate factions vying to contribute the most to the development of a newly-colonized planet through canny and competitive bidding on massive construction projects. The player scoring the cleverest combination of rewards for their efforts wins the game!

After pl... (vollständige Beschreibung)

40,00 EUR




Sammlerstück / Rarität


Euro Game #5

When your Homeworld is nearing its demise, it it time to saddle up your rocket ship and explore the neighborhood in nearby space. Parsec is a tile placement game of discovery and exploration in outer space for 2 to 4 players.

Featuring easy mechanics and a nimble pace, Parsec is a truly teachable game for everyone. It boasts rich, compelling Euro-style competitive gameplay as each player races to improve their positions to garner the most points and technology progress between... (vollständige Beschreibung)

42,00 EUR


VPG PS01.2

PARSEC Deluxe (Boxed Edition)

Auslaufmodell (keine Nachbestellungen mehr möglich)


PARSEC Deluxe is a tile placement game of space exploration and discovery. Save the denizens of Homeworld today!

After millennia of shifting dominant civilizations, wars, and industrialization, Homeworld became a planet that couldn't sustain its population... Off-world migration was the last hope. When your Homeworld is nearing its demise, it is time to saddle up your rocket ship and explore the neighborhood of nearby space.

PARSEC, from designer Sean Young, is a tile placement game of dis... (vollständige Beschreibung)

72,00 EUR



Star Borders: Aliens (Boxed Edition)

With the introduction of two new factions, plus special abilities, flagships, and more, fight to establish control of a contested region of the galaxy in Star Borders: Aliens!

Star Borders: Aliens from designer Lance McMillan and developer Alan Emrich is a complete, two-player stand-alone game that introduces two new factions, the Rhame Swarm (a.k.a., the “Bugs”) and the C1B0R6 Collective (a.k.a., the “Bots”) that are fighting to establish control of a contested region of the galaxy i... (vollständige Beschreibung)

58,00 EUR



Star Borders: Humanity

Star Borders #1

Two great human empires, The Imperium and The Alliance have vied for several generations over the vast reaches of space. Everything you can imagine in a great space opera exists among the core worlds of these two mighty civilizations heading inexorably toward conflict – but this game does not tell that story...

Instead, in Star Borders: Humanity, the players are opposing viceroys who have been sent to the armpit of space, far from the local power and glory of their home w... (vollständige Beschreibung)

26,00 EUR




Assault on Galactus Prime Expansion #1

Euro Game #7 Expansion Kit
The Empire Shoots Back

As the Empire stood and witnessed the surprise assault on their beloved Galactus Prime, they plotted revenge. Now, they're rebuilding and retaliating in full force! The first expansion for Tom Decker's Assault on Galactus Prime, The Empire Shoots Back, broadens your options and promotes wilder gameplay in this deck-building, push-your-luck game. Now it's time for you to fight back before it's too late!

Note, the Assault on Galactus Prime E... (vollständige Beschreibung)

14,00 EUR



Nemo's War Expansion - Going Another Thousand Leagues

Nemo's War expansion kit for Nemo's War includes a dozen cards with more adventures from the Jules Verne novel and alternate endings to the game/story (including "Return to Mysterious Island," "Another Thousand Leagues" and "Bottom of the Sea").

In addition to new rules for using the Treasure Fleet and Cannon tokens included in the base game, six more deadly ship counters are included (Armored Frigates and Battleships), plus rules for using them all and a "historical game" scenario.

Note, ... (vollständige Beschreibung)

10,00 EUR



PARSEC Expansion #1 - Moons and Monsters

Sammlerstück / Rarität


There are plenty of new discoveries at your Homeworld! Several more ships have joined the exploration fleet, along with the discoveries of treacherous black holes and space warps. A "Golden" planet has also been discovered, somewhere among several moons and dangerous asteroid fields. But, most importantly, there is a rumor floating about of terrible creatures living in the vacuum of space, with an insatiable appetite for robots! Of course, those are just rumors. . .

This expansion kit for PAR... (vollständige Beschreibung)

10,00 EUR




Boom & Zoom - Mounted Board

• One two-sided 11" x 17" paper game board

Game Design: Ty Bomba
Development: Alan Emrich
Graphics: Alan Emrich, Barry Pike
Cover Art, Illustrations, and Map: Clark Miller
Fiction: David Spangler
Playtesting: Ed Bartholomew, Deon Carrico, Amy Durnford, Logan Foster, Jeremy Gleeson, Louis Guzman, Nathan Hansen, Johnnie Jahn, Noelle LeBeinvenu, Stephanie Marroquin, Clark Miller, Tony Morgan, David Spangler, James Sparkman, John Stryker, Chris Taylor, Zachary Vandekamp
Proof... (vollständige Beschreibung)

8,00 EUR


Z-Man Games

ZMG 7086

Battle Beyond Space

Bitte vorbestellen


Far beyond the bounds of the Solar System, a signal is launched that penetrates warp space. The signal is old—the only known working piece of technology from an ancient race.

Four different fleets answer the siren’s call, intent on claiming the Artifact for themselves at all costs. The destination: a lone asteroid ringed by failed ancient satellites in the middle of a lifeless asteroid field.


1 Board (with hexes for 3 & 4 players)
8 Capital Ships (2 per player)
1 Rulebook ... (vollständige Beschreibung)

ca. 54,00 EUR



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