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HauptseiteProduktlinienMonte Cook's: Ptolus Campaign 3E/5E

Monte Cook's: Ptolus Campaign 3E/5E

Monte Cook's: Ptolus Campaign 3E/5E

A fantasy city steeped in history and surrounded by threats, from dungeons below to the Spire above.


Produkte vom Herausgeber (Monte Cook Games)


MCG 0268

A Player's Guide to Ptolus

Hot Seller


This 32-page guide is designed to introduce you as a player to the fundamentals of Ptolus, so that you can create and run a character with plenty of knowledge about the world. The city is rich enough in detail that it’s difficult to absorb it all at once, so keep this information handy to reference while you play in a Ptolus campaign—and be prepared to discover that what you learn in these pages is only the very briefest of overviews.

18,00 EUR



MCG 0264

Ptolus: Monte Cooks - City by the Spire 5E

Hot Seller


Ptolus: a city of mysteries, secrets, and dark histories that lies forever in the shadow of an impossibly tall spire, an enigma and a reminder of evil long past. Below the city's streets a seemingly endless network of ancient dungeons draw adventurers from all corners of the Empire. It's fantastic, with page after page of amazing sights and ideas. Ptolus is massive: 672 pages plus a packet with a poster map and dozens of handouts. Plus another 300 pages of downloadable content. All the content o... (vollständige Beschreibung)

156,00 EUR



MCG 0270

Ptolus Character Portfolio for 5e in print (bundle of 5)

Bitte vorbestellen


Ptolus is a setting for epic campaigns, and epic campaigns mean epic characters! The Ptolus Character Portfolio does your character justice.

At 24 pages, it records all your character’s abilities, skills, belongings, and everything else you find on a conventional character sheet. But it also gives you room for notes, sketches, and details.

Jot down thoughts about your character’s appearance and mannerisms. Make notes about connections to the other PCs along with people, creatures, obje... (vollständige Beschreibung)

ca. 22,00 EUR


Produkte von anderen Herstellern

Fiery Dragon Productions

FDP 4028

Ptolus: Queen of Lies

A Ptolus adventure (v.3.5) for characters totaling roughly 40 character levels.

Deep below the surface, in the sunless lands of the Netherdeep, creatures of darkness build weapons and amass armies, dreaming of invasion. An attack on a peaceful elven shrine in Emerald Hill sends the heroes on a quest to retrieve stolen artifacts and kidnapped friends. All signs point to the actions of the dark elves of Ul-Drakkan, far below the city of Ptolus. However, even within that ancient fortress, there... (vollständige Beschreibung)

16,00 EUR



FDP 4027

Ptolus Premium Vinyl Map

Dieser Artikel ist endgültig vergriffen


The PTOLUS VINYL MAP is a deluxe, full-color, 32" x 48" map for the
mammoth new Malhavoc Press game setting Ptolus: Monte Cooks City by the Spire.

Durable and attractive, the PTOLUS VINYL MAP is truly a premium item,
unique in the roleplaying game industry. If youre going to play in
Ptolus,you should be able to see it in the style it deserves!

endgültig vergriffen

FDP 4029

Counter Collection: Ptolus

z.Zt. vergriffen


The Ptolus: Counter Collection features many of the monsters found in Monte Cook's d20 Ptolus setting, as well as dozens of player-character counters, plus unique counters representing all of the highlighted NPCs from the Ptolus: City by the Spire setting book.

8.5 x 11 shrinkwrapped packaging contains well over 100 new counters by popular RPG artist Claudio Pozas�12 cardstock pages, or over 200 individual counter images in all!

z.Zt. vergriffen

FDP 4302

Counter Collection: Digital Version: PTOLUS

An official Ptolus Accessory!

The Monte Cook's Ptolus Digital Counter Collection features new monsters from the Ptolus: Monte Cook's City by the Spire setting book, as well as dozens of character counters representing the most noteworthy NPCs from that book (and, of course, hundreds of other core monster counters appropriate to a Ptolus campaign.)

Use this product to create virtual armies of creatures for whatever Ptolus campaign you can possibly imagine - simply drop the JPG images into w... (vollständige Beschreibung)

26,00 EUR


Malhavoc Press

MHP 16114

Ptolus: Monte Cook's City by the Spire

z.Zt. vergriffen


Unglaublich ! Dies ist das wahrscheinlich aufwendigste Sourcebook das wir jemals gesehen haben. Der Hammer ! Ein echter Tip von uns. Zugreifen !

If you were to imagine the most deluxe roleplaying game product ever, what would be in it? More than 600 pages of fantasy source and adventure material from one of the industry's greatest designers? Check. Glorious full-color art? Check. Double-sided poster map? Player handouts? A CD-ROM packed with bonus material? Check, check, and check.

What i... (vollständige Beschreibung)

z.Zt. vergriffen

MHP 16115

The Night of Dissolution

Sammlerstück / Rarität


A Ptolus Adventure for Mid-Level Characters.

Picking up where Chapter 33: Adventures in the Ptolus book leaves off, the adventures in The Night of Dissolution cover an arc that pits player characters against the darkest foes the city of Ptolus has ever faced. Following the threads of a hidden conspiracy, the characters find themselves up against insane cultists, wild chaos magic, and horrors from the primordial days of the world.

This adventure book is laced with urban intrigue, high actio... (vollständige Beschreibung)

20,00 EUR



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