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Hist. ASL Module 1: Red Barricades



Multi-Man Publishing


ASL - Advanced Squad Leader








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Dieser Artikel ist endgültig vergriffen


RB ist kein eigenständiges Spiel. Sie sollten ASL, BEYOND VALOR und YANKS haben.

* 2 Map sheets
* RB Scenarios 1 - 7
* Chapter O divider 1st Edition
* Chapter O 1st Edition

Time Scale: 2 minutes per Game Turn
Unit Scale: 5 to 10 men, plus individual leaders, vehicles, guns
Map Scale 40 meters per hex
Players: 2 (also suitable for solitaire or team play)
Playing Time: Varies with scenario played; on average, three hours
Complexity: High
Solitaire Suitability: Low

Welcome back to the streets of Stalingrad - only this time on a scale and intensity never before offered in ASL. RED BARRICADES is the first "Historical" module for the ASL system complete with a huge, two-piece historically-accurate map depicting Stalingrad's famous "Red Barricades' ordnance factory and surrounding environs. The mapsheet features new 1"-wide hexes for ease of play in those scenarios with high counter density. The factory complex alone, exactingly adapted to ASL scale from actual German aerial reconnaissance photographs, spans an area approximately 31 hexes by 16 hexes.
Two countersheets provide (for the first time) markers for Fortified Building Locations, A-T Ditches, Cellars, Gutted Factories and Hand-to-Hand Melee. Included as well are Perimeter, Location Control and Burnt-Out-Wreck markers for the RB Campaign Game, plus extra Russian and German infantry and SW. Two new weapons also make their debut: the Russian "Molotov Projector" and the German StuIG 33B assault gun. Seven action-packed standard scenarios (in addition to those for the RB Campaign Game) are offered, most of which utilize only a small portion of the map.
Also included is Chapter O, which contains the rules for several new terrain types (debris, railway embankments, interior factory walls, storage tanks, single-hex two-story buildings and culverts), all colorfully detailed in the standard ASL fashion. Too, clarifications of existing rules for fortified buildings, factories, rooftops, road-negotiating terrain and armored cupolas are provided. Last but not least is Section 11 - the "RB Campaign Games" - which comprises about three-quarters of Chapter O.
RED BARRICADES features three separate Campaign Games (CG) which are designed for play exclusively on the new map, enabling the ASL gamer to create an ongoing series of interrelated scenarios. For instance, CG 1, "Into the Factory", simulates the German effort of 17-29 October 1942 to storm the Barrikady factory complex. Each "day" promises a possible scenario, depending on whether either side wishes to attack. Now, for the first time in ASL scenarios, there are tomorrow's victory conditions to think about as well as today's. Since surviving units are retained for the next playing, a critical tactical dimension - conservation of force - has been added. Gone are those last-turn suicidal charges so commonly employed in standard scenarios.
Besides giving starting forces for each CG and some CG-specific rules and definitions, most of Chapter O's Section 11 details a special between-scenario series of steps (the Refit Phase) to "tidy-up" the map and purchase additional forces for the next scenario. For instance, all ongoing melees are resolved, wounded leaders may be evacuated, a side's ELR is subject to increase or decrease, weather is determined, etc. Each player stakes claim to the hexes controlled by him at scenario end, thus determining the front line for the next day. Later, each player secretly purchases reinforcements (from a table of historically available units) to supplement his survivors. Instead of buying individual counters as per the standard ASL DYO system, reinforcements are purchased in companies and platoons. For instance, the Soviet commander might choose a Guards SMG or Factory Militia company, a T-70 platoon, a 200mm Katyusha rocket battery or more fortification points - to name but a few. Since neither the nature nor the strength of reinforcements is known to the opponent, the RB Campaign Game provides much more "fog of war" than most standard scenarios. Imagine the consternation of your foe when he discovers you have augmented your OB with a full-strength company of elite Pionier troops to burn out those fanatically defended strongpoints in the southern Foundary Hall! But what's this? They're now held by one of his crack Guards SMG companies, and two platoons of T-34s are smashing into your flank! Should you proceed with your carefully planned attack - or would a new course of action be wiser? ... Welcome to the RED BARRICADES!

Scenario List
RB Scenario 1 One Down, Two to Go
RB Scenario 2 Blood & Guts
RB Scenario 3 Bread Factory #2
RB Scenario 4 To the Rescue
RB Scenario 5 The Last Bid
RB Scenario 6 Turned Away
RB Scenario 7 The Red House

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