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HauptseiteProduktlinienASL - Advanced Squad LeaderASL Module 11: Doomed Battalions 3nd Ed. (now includes "The Last Hurrah"!)

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ASL Module 11: Doomed Battalions 3nd Ed. (now includes "The Last Hurrah"!)



Multi-Man Publishing


ASL - Advanced Squad Leader








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Dieser Artikel ist endgültig vergriffen


Die kleineren Verbündeten der Alliierten.

September 8, 1939... Barely a week into the invasion of Poland, German troops of the 4th Panzer Division were at the gates of Warsaw despite having lost a quarter of their armor. The Polish citizenry was urged to dig anti-tank ditches and fortify buildings, and artillery pieces were hastily aimed down the long avenues of the Ochota district. The war's first vital urban battle was about to commence...
September 9, 1939... With von Rundstedt driving on Warsaw, his northern flank was stretched thin. In a desperate attempt to buy time for the defense of Warsaw, Army Poznan struck south at Leczyca with artillery, tankettes, and motorized machine gun carts. A breakthrough here could blunt the German attack. On the defensive for the first time and without armor support, the landsers of the 30th Division teetered on the edge of breaking...
April 9th, 1940... Threatened with aerial bombardment of Copenhagen, the Danish Government quickly surrendered once the Germans crossed the border. The only problem was that the Germans had so efficiently eliminated Danish lines of communication that news of the surrender did not reach the front line troops. In Haderslev, the Danish garrison prepared to repulse the invading Germans, wondering if this was to be their last act...
May 13, 1940... As planned, French troops moved up into Belgium as soon as the Germans violated Belgium neutrality. As the blitzkrieg raged, gaps appeared between the Belgian and French armies. One such gap at the railway crossing at Wolmerson, plugged by a mixed force of Belgian infantry and light armor, saw the Germans attacking at the same time that the neighboring French recon force was pulling out. As the Germans advanced from several directions, the outnumbered defenders could only hope that the armor reinforcements of the Belgian Lanciers would get there in time...
November 17, 1940... The Greek town of Koritsa fell several days after Italy's Albanian-based invasion was launched on October 28th. Three weeks later, the Italian "blitzkrieg" still hadn't made much progress, and the Greeks were preparing a counterattack to retake the strategic mountain village. Horse-drawn artillery and captured Italian tankettes supported the attack, but it was the mounted Greek cavalrymen who struck fear into the hearts of Mussolini's pride and joy, the Alpini...

DOOMED BATTALIONS is the Allied Minors Armor and Ordnance Extension to the ADVANCED SQUAD LEADER system. Extensive research into the specifications and usage of the Armored Fighting Vehicles and Ordnance of Poland, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Yugoslavia, and Greece allows you to recreate the valiant efforts of these Doomed Battalions to stem the tide of blitzkrieg.

Three beautiful geomorphic mapboards further extend the flexibility of this most versatile game system. Board 9 is the last of the "rogue" boards featuring a large hill mass rising up four levels, with two passes cutting through and a stone "monastery" on the heights, Board 44 depicts a rural crossroads with open terrain perfect for tank warfare. Board 45 provides the more urban feel of a large central European city with a large government building. New terrain rules are added to Chapter B, including rules for narrow streets and steeples. Also provided are updated pages for Chapter A, incorporating clarifications in the rules for "Human Wave" and controlling territory. Eight new scenarios covering actions throughout the early war period are presented. New terrain overlays, including railway overlays, allow you to adapt these and other mapboards to depict many different situations.

Vehicle counters include the 7TPJW, the queen of Poland's armored forces, and Denmark's armed "Nimbus", a motorcycle unit mounting an anti-tank gun and anti-aircraft machinegun.
Scenario List
ASL Scenario 83 An Uncommon Occurrence
ASL Scenario 84 Round One
ASL Scenario 85 No Way Out
ASL Scenario 86 Fighting Back
ASL Scenario 87 Good Night, Sweet Prince
ASL Scenario 88 Art Nouveau
ASL Scenario 89 Rescue Attempt
ASL Scenario 90 Pride and Joy

DOOMED BATTALIONS is not a complete game. Ownership of ASL game system is required for full use. The ASL Rulebook and Beyond Valor are the minimum needed to use Doomed Battalions.

* Boards 9, 44, 45
* Terrain Overlays 3 sheets
* Chapter H Allied Minor Guns, Vehicles 2nd Edition
* Scenarios 83-90
* 12 Revised Rulebook pages 1st edition

Time Scale: 2 minutes per Game Turn
Unit Scale: 5 to 10 men, plus individual leaders, vehicles, guns
Map Scale 40 meters per hex
Players: 2 (also suitable for solitaire or team play)
Playing Time: Varies with scenario played; on average, three hours
Complexity: High
Solitaire Suitability: Low

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