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HauptseiteProduktlinienASL - Advanced Squad LeaderASL Module 10: Croix de Guerre (Second Edition)

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ASL Module 10: Croix de Guerre (Second Edition)



Multi-Man Publishing


ASL - Advanced Squad Leader








212,00 EUR



Hot Seller


CROIX DE GUERRE brings the French order of battle back into print and adds DINANT: ROMMEL AT THE MEUSE, the brand new Historical ASL campaign on the crossing of the Meuse in May 1940. In addition to the original eight CdG scenarios and the ten new DINANT scenarios, CROIX DE GUERRE includes 22 more out-of-print French scenarios updated for balance and clarity plus a bonus 1944 scenario on the Dinant map. Also included are mapboards 42 and 43 and a revised National Capabilities Chart. CROIX DE GUERRE not only provides the standard French blue counters for use in 1939-40, but also provides for the first time unique infantry counters for the Vichy French regime’s overseas colonies (two-tone French-blue-in-German-blue) and for the Free French (standard French blue with a Cross of Lorraine). That means all the personnel, weapons, and uniquely French vehicle counters used by French forces throughout World War II, as well as the detailed Chapter H historical notes to accompany the counters and revised Chapter A rules to reflect the new French infantry counters.

DINANT: ROMMEL AT THE MEUSE takes players through the rapid movement of Erwin Rommel’s Panzer-Division 7 across the Meuse and through the “impenetrable” Bois d’Ardennes and shows the fighting at the southernmost portion of the river crossing at the town of Dinant during 11-14 May, 1940. Facing the Germans were the exhausted men of the 18th Infantry Division, who had marched almost 50 miles in the preceding three days. High Command had stripped from them all their 60mm mortars, almost half of their motorized transport, and many of their 25mm anti-tank guns, giving those to units “more likely to face action.”

DINANT: ROMMEL AT THE MEUSE features two historical 22?×34? map sections with several new terrain types—Road Tunnels, Railroad Embankment Underpasses, 15th Century Fortresses, Weirs, and Retaining Walls. The 10 scenarios showcase fighting at and around the area of the crossing. Players will navigate through a maze of narrow streets alongside the Meuse River at the bottom of 90' high cliffs and then climb to the plateau above. The Campaign Game will also see the German player building pontoon bridges and assembling ferries for men, tanks, and equipment to cross the river, all while under fire.

CROIX DE GUERRE is therefore much more than a mere reprint of its predecessor and showcases the French army as never before. Vive la France!

May 13th, 1940... In the chill of the Arctic spring, a French Foreign Legion battalion prepares a hasty assault on a supply depot north of Narvik. Currently in German hands, the depot holds small arms desperately needed by the Norwegians fighting in the mountains. In the face of Wermacht machine guns, audacity - and two Hotchkiss tanks - will be key to the legionnaires' success.
May 18th, 1940... The French 9th Army is disintegrating rapidly. Its headquarters, just setting up in the village of Le Catelet, is not sure how far the enemy has advanced. Suddenly the alarm is raised - Germans approaching from the north! Armored cars quickly take up positions to fight a holding action, while the small HQ staff and local garrison hurriedly make what defensive preparations they can. Their day promises to be desperate.
June 20th, 1941... Elements of the Free French Division must take the rugged, boulder-strewn stronghold of Hill 740, the last Vichy position covering the road to Damascus. Tanks, guns and men stand ready amidst the wadis and broken ground, but no one is enthusiastic about having to fight his erstwhile brothers-in-arms. Regardless of which side prevails, it is bound to be another sad day for France.
November 8th, 1942... The Americans have landed in Morocco, but in their ranks confusion reigns. Some mistakenly advance in the wrong direction, and in a small village find themselves subjected to a steadily escalating attack made by Vichy infantry with tank and artillery support. The green GIs know they're in the "big leagues" now - and, whether they like it or not, its time to play ball.
Here, at last, is the long-awaited French addition to the ASL system. Compared to the old Crescendo of Doom gamette, CROIX DE GUERRE offers greatly expanded coverage of the French, in terms of both counter types and historical research. Contained herein is not only the entire ASL order of battle (all personnel, weapon and vehicle counters) for the French in 1939-40, but also that of the subsequent Vichy regime's overseas colonies, plus many extra counters for equipment used by the Free French but never included in YANKS or WEST OF ALAMEIN. Enclosed as well are two new mapboards (#s 40 and 41), one new sheet of building, stream and open-ground overlays, eight revised rulebook pages for Chapters A, B and F, eight new scenarios, and the usual detailed Chapter H historical and Design-Your-Own information (including many facts never before published in the English language). Last but not least you'll find the Chapter N divider, which contains both an updated Sequence of Play (incorporating Chapters E, F, G and O) and a standardized "check list" of pre-game functions for printed and DYO scenarios.

Scenario List
ASL Scenario 75 Strangers in a Strange Land
ASL Scenario 76 End of the Ninth
ASL Scenario 77 Le Herisson
ASL Scenario 78 Encounter at Cornimont
ASL Scenario 79 Bridge of the Seven Planets
ASL Scenario 80 Play Ball
ASL Scenario 81 Fratricidal Fighting
ASL Scenario 82 For Honor Alone

CROIX DE GUERRE components:
• 11 countersheets (samples!)
• two 22" x 34" maps (for DINANT: ROMMEL AT THE MEUSE)
• two 8" x 22" standard ASL geomorphic maps (42 and 43)
• French Chapter H and revised French Chapter A pages
• Chapter DN (with the DINANT HASL rules)
• 41 ASL scenarios (including 11 for the DINANT HASL)
• two DINANT HASL chapter dividers
• one revised National Capabilities Chart

Time Scale: 2 minutes per Game Turn
Unit Scale: 5 to 10 men, plus individual leaders, vehicles, guns
Map Scale 40 meters per hex
Players: 2 (also suitable for solitaire or team play)
Playing Time: Varies with scenario played; on average, three hours
Complexity: High
Solitaire Suitability: Low

Die französische Armee von 1939-40 und die späteren Vichy- und Truppen des Freien Frankreichs.
Croix de Guerre ist kein eigenständiges Spiel. Sie sollten ASL, BEYOND VALOR, YANKS und WEST OF ALAMEIN besitzen.

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