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FRED Distribution, Inc.

FRED Distribution, Inc.
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FRED Distribution is your source for Eagle Games, Gryphon Games and other popular titles in the wide world of designer games. Designer games (sometimes called "Euro" games), are distinguishable from widely recognizable mass-marketed games like Monopoly, because they have characteristics that set them apart. They tend to require more strategic thinking; they often have a theme that sets them in a particular historical or event context; they have high quality art and components; and they rely less on luck than on the players' evolving skill at mastering the game.

That's why FRED Games, both Eagle and Gryphon lines, lend themselves so well to game groups, social gatherings, libraries, classrooms, retirement facilities and all manner of environments where fun and learning go hand-in-hand.

Game enthusiasts know FRED's Eagle Games because of classics such as Through the Ages, Age of Steam, Brass, Attack!, Conquest of the Empire, and Bootleggers. Brand-new, destined-to-be-classic Eagle games include Attack! Deluxe Expansion, Railways of the World and Railways of England and Wales. These games have multiple-page rule booklets, heavier strategy and may take up to several hours to play. The theme is interwoven into the game play so that each game is unique, creating a world you inhabit as long as the game lasts. When you finish with one of these games, you feel as though you've really accomplished something!

Gryphon Games were created to appeal to game players looking for light-to-medium-weight strategy games, either to play in families, between "heavier" games at a long game-playing session, or for use in the classroom or library. Gryphon Games have short and simple rulebooks (readable and explainable in 5 minutes or less) and are typically playable in 20 to 40 minutes. The artwork and production values are high and the game play is snappy and innovative. The themes and settings are fun, interesting and educational. Some titles in the Gryphon line include the collectible, numbered Bookshelf Series that has become the talk of the gaming community - Money, Roll Through the Ages, Gem Dealer, For Sale, High Society, Incan Gold, Looting London, Birds on a Wire and Masters Gallery. In addition, Take it Easy is a colorful Bingo-like game that has sold over half a million copies worldwide and is perfect for game groups, classrooms, retirement villages and gatherings of any size or kind. "Stoplights", a simple strategic card game for 1-3 players (ages 4 and up) and "Take it Easy" have both just won Scholastic's Instructor Magazine's 2009 Teachers' Pick Award. Arthur Saves the Planet has won numerous awards, including the Parent's Choice award, and is endorsed by PBS.

Additional lines are being added as well. In the near future, Musketeers will inaugurate our Tin Box Series, a line of double-pack card games that will come in classic hinged tin boxes.


The goal of FRED Distribution is to encourage people to visit game stores, play games, learn through games and purchase games. The FRED Team believes that the game store is the cornerstone of the industry and by creating a network that encourages in-store patronage, the game industry that we enjoy so much will continue to thrive. If your favorite store doesn't carry Eagle or Gryphon Games, let them know about us. We will thank you, and we hope they will too!

The FRED Team also believes that games are a perfect learning vehicle for adults and children. FRED promotes games in education by making information available on how our games can help educators meet their curriculum goals and librarians meet the community goals of public libraries. We strive to make our games affordable so that everyone can discover the joys of gaming.



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