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Tasty Minstrel Games

Tasty Minstrel Games
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What Is Tasty Minstrel Games?
Tasty Minstrel Games is, simply put, a game publisher. We concentrate on board games, card games, fun games, addicting games, family board games, and any non-video game that can be imagined. Our criterion for publishing a game is that it must be a fun, intuitive, and an addicting game. A game must be replayable and have good value compared to other entertainment such as video games and movies.

Why Start Tasty Minstrel Games?

We have loved games for as long as we can remember. Board games, card games, video games, city-building games, simulation games, war games. You name it, if it is a quality game, we love it. Michael and Erin have two wonderful children (3.5 and 1.5 years old) that compose our small family. Seeing how much our oldest, Sophie, loves games reminds us how much we love them. We also realize that many parents do not share our love for games. We feel it is a question of playing the right games. Looking back at the children's games that we like we understand the lack of desire that a parent can have to play games. Often, there is little to no choice making in children's games. Roll the dice, move, and make three decisions in half an hour. As children get older, they have the capability to make the more difficult choices associated with advanced board games and card games.

Ultimately when children grow up, they still love playing games. If we can bring families together to play a board game before children irrevocably grow up, then we believe that bonds and lines of communication can be forged that a family will cherish forever. There are enough forces in the world aiming to destroy families; we just hope to be one force keeping families together. Parents want to be close to their children, but it is a difficult mission. Board games can transform this mission into something easy to accomplish. It is an ambitious goal, but without the goal we cannot achieve it.

Michael Mindes, Founder



Dice Games


Dice games often use dice as its sole or principal component. Dice games traditionally focus almost exclusively on dice rolling as a mechanic (e.g., Yahtzee, Liar's Dice, Can't Stop).


Dungeon Roll


In Dungeon Roll the player's goal is to collect the most experience points by defeating monsters, battling the dragon, and amassing treasure. Each player selects a Hero avatar, such as a Mercenary, Half-Goblin, or Enchantress, which provides them with unique powers. Then players take turns being the Adventurer, who boldly enters the dungeon seeking glory.

The Adventurer assembles their party by rolling seven Party Dice, while another player serves as the Dungeon Lord and rolls a number of Dungeon Dice based on how far the Adventurer has progressed through the dungeon. The Adventurer uses Champion, Fighter, Cleric, Mage, Thief, and Scroll faces on the Party Dice to defeat monsters such as oozes and skeletons, to claim treasure inside chests, and to revive downed companions with potions. The Adventurer claims treasure by taking a token at random from inside the treasure chest-shaped game box.


Eminent Domain (engl. & dt.)


Survey the galaxy to expand your empire! Will you colonize nearby planets, or take them by force? Harvest resources for trade, and do research to improve your technology. Build the best empire to win the game!

Eminent Domain is an empire building game in which your empire’s abilities are based on a deck of Role cards. At the beginning of the game each player has the same deck of cards, with just 2 cards for each Role in it. Every turn you must choose a Role to execute (your opponents will get a chance to follow suit) and in doing so you will add one of those Role cards to your deck. When executing a Role, you can boost its effect by playing cards out of your hand matching the Role you have chosen. So for example, the more you Research, the better you get at Researching (because you’ll have more Research cards in your deck).



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